Questions About Russell Hotel London

What do you think of my idea for a novel called The Werewoofles of London?

Quitting his job as assistant ankle-nipper at the British Museum, Woofles, a studious, good-natured, handsome, proudly independent Jack Russell terrier sets off on a backpacking holiday with his friend Brenda, a nice cat. While staying at the remote Strangled Duck Hotel in Yorkshire they ignore the landlord’s warnings and go out on the Moors late at night. Kate Bush leaps out from behind a stunted juniper tree and bites them both. Not feeling too special, they head back to London. Brenda suffers no ill effects apart from developing a taste for the highly addictive cat snacks known as Whiskas Temptations (with the crunchy shells and the soft savoury centres). Woofles tries in vain to get her to switch to Whiskas Dentabits (the deliciously chewy treats that keep a cat’s teeth clean and healthy.) Ever averse to wasting food, Woofles polishes off the Dentabits himself. Our hero starts to have strange dreams about walking on two legs, which become more vivid as the Full Moon approaches. Whi

Looking for Central Location in London to stay - Chelsea or Russell Square?

I am planning a trip to London and want to stay somewhere fairly Central near some great Tourist Attractions, Nice Restaurants, things to see and do etc. I have found 2 hotels - One near Chelsea Bridge and the other in Russell Square, which would you advise for convenience and location? Also want it to be in easy access of the stations. Any help / tips / advice much appreciated having never been here before :-) Thanks! Many Thanks

All the Olympics hassle with none of the pesky events.

We want to go to London in somewhere else? And some more specific questions. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to London in late March. Is there anything we shouldn't miss happening around March 17-22? Where should we stay? We want to be near Russell Square (he lived there ten years ago and misses it, so that's fairly non-negotiable). After going through the question history we're pretty sure we like the Ridgemount, but a lot of folks recommend the Imperial Hotels in the area. Is any one better than the others? The plan right now is spend a few days in London and then spend a few days somewhere else before heading back home. Where should we go? We'd prefer somewhere not as pricey as London, within 3 hours by train or plane (we don't drive, so that's out), and has things of interest to late 20s/early 30s types. So it's basically open-ended! Where have you spent a great day or two in Europe? Thanks!