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HELP!! Name this Steakhouse & Saloon in Southern California!!?

Hi, it's been a while since I lived here in socal and I'm trying to remember the name of a western themed restaurant my family used to go a few yrs ago when I was younger. It had wooden outside and the booths were wooden and they gave kids coloring books. I remember it was a saloon type of setting and they used to give you the brown rolls before dinner. I used to have a green T-shirt from there and it had a like a cartoon of an old cowboy on it. My dad thinks it was a Ponderosa Steakhouse somewhere near San Diego/Miramar but I dont remember Ponderosa's being western themed. He said it like the only one in the franchise to be completed decked out in western gear. Another that came up is the Lone Star, but that didn't look familiar online. Plz help me, it's driving me nuts. thx.

Which of these restaurants do you frequent?

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Needs help with names?

I'm writing a story set in the fictional New Jersey town of Blaire in the county of Monmouth, it is a small waterfront town which deals mainly in summertime tourism and fishing. It is considered a small town yet has an Elementary, Middle and High School, Hospital and it's own permanent fairground. There is a waterfront promenade with cafe's, stores and hotels where most of the younger people in town get their jobs. Behind that is a small shopping district and a large suburban area, the story is set in 1970 and I need names for the various places. 1. A Crab Restaurant, family oriented place with a big plastic crab on the face of the building. 2. A cheap gas station with a 50's style diner inside one of those metallic buildings with the booths and the bar. 3. A pleasant looking waterfront hotel with shuttered windows and potted plants, all the rooms have peppermints on the pillows of the beds. 4. A rather greasy spoon fast food restaurant with a clown as it's mascot, has a drive thro

21st Birthday in San Fran, what to do for bars/nightclubs?

I am planning a road trip to northern cali for my 21st. I will be doing wine tasting during the day and then I want to visit nightclubs/bars at night. Where are some good places to go that aren't too expensive but nicer than an everyday bar/pub/saloon? And I don't need restaurant suggestions for dinner as we will be starting that at Hard Rock Cafe, so let me know if there is good bars/nightclubs near there or if we will have to drive a bit. Thanks!

i got the below mail of Hotel and the address is true of it is just a fajke pls help me out?

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Book ID Request, Again

Please help me ID a book about a dark-haired woman set during the westward expansion. Somewhere between '95 and '00 a friend gave me a book to read. It wasn't anything special, not classic literature or anything, but it was an interesting read. It wasn't a romance novel nor a western. Probably the best description would be a chick-lit book. Were it a movie I would simply call it a drama. There was absolutely no sex, nor reference to sex of any kind throughout the book, no explicit cursing that I can remember and there was more than ample opportunity to do both. I want to say that the book's copyright date was originally in the 1950s, but I'm not sure about that. The fact that I don't read books written in the 1950s (I prefer English classic literature) is one reason to doubt it, but it does seem familiar that I was surprised it was such an older book. It was set somewhere in the mid to late 1800s. It was about a dark haired, and beautiful, woman who tra

Am I being unreasonable for wanting to finish with my depressive/bi-polar girlfriend?

I have been with my girlfriend for over 6 years and in that time I have experienced the full range of behaviours and incidents that has left me feeling stressed out and unable to want to carry on. As I mentioned in the title, she has been prescribed meds for her depression. She shows symptoms of bi-polar disorder as outlined in some of my experiences below. I saw a mental health professional today for advice and he recommended that I ask her to seek help. I am thinking that this won't work and want to ask her to move out now. What should I do? I feel like i am walking on eggshells all the time waiting for her next blow up. Anything I say is always wrong or thrown back in my face.. As a result, I feel like I have been beaten down and lacking self-esteem. Things get twisted and i am the one in the wrong I doubt myself and start to think that I am losing my mind. Holding a conversation is normally difficult and it feels like I am the one making the effort all of the time. I have been