Questions About San Francisco School Of Pharmacy

What do i require to get into University of California San Francisco?

I want to know what do i require to be accepted into the University of California San Francisco For Pharmacy...I still have 2 years of high school left but my past records weren't like wow! but got a few honors and grades of average B to A+.... I want to also know the SAT Scores that i need and i the pressure is really getting to me i really want to become a pharmacist??Thanks in advance!

Where should I do my pharmacy school pre-reqs

Question about choosing a school at which to complete pharmacy school pre-reqs. Asking for a friend: I would like to be a pharmacist, and I am trying to decide where to take my science pre-reqs. I already have bachelors degrees in poli sci and English, and it appears that I need approximately 33 hours of pre-reqs. I could take all of my pre-reqs at the local community college, which will be less expensive and the classes would likely be less rigorous, or I could take them at the local state research university, which is more expensive and academically tougher. My question: will pharmacy school admission committees care where I take my pre-reqs? Will I receive any boost for taking them at the research university, and will my application be viewed less favorably if I take them at the community college? I'm interested in some fairly highly ranked pharmacy programs, such as UT Austin and UC San Francisco. Thank you!

Los Angeles or Santa Barbara? University...?

So I am considering universities now...and I have acceptance from both. I live in a quiet town right now, and I've been waiting for my chance to reside in a larger city. I am not familiar with either! It's for university. I am a hardworker, good marks, but I want a lively and party area. Somewhere I can walk around and take transit if I need to. I love beaches so, if it is in proximity, I wouldn't mind! I have no family at all there but I'll make friends! I can either go to UCLA or UCSB! Which do you prefer between the cities and the universities?! So I was just checking some details... I want to do a Bachelor of Science or Doctorate of Pharmacy... In Canada, there is a thing called Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and I was looking for the US equivalent and it's called "Doctorate of Pharmacy" I want to go straight from high school. LA- offers Bachelor of Science Santa Barbara-Bachelor of Science San Francisco- Doctorate of Pharmacy The University of Texas at Austin- Docto

help please! pharmacy-related?

Hi, i am a senior in high school and i'm looking to be a pharmacist. i'm looking at UCSD's skaggs school, or USC's pharm program, or maybe the Univ. of pacific first, which one would you suggest for the better pharm program for the price? and second, should i transfer to UC san francisco (because they are a world-class health institution) after i get my degree? or just leave it at that and look for a job? =P oh yeah, does UC berkeley have pharmacy school? or vanderbilt? thanks

This is your brain on drugs

Pharmacy School: So my sister wants to apply to pharmacy school and it's totally stressing her out. Does anyone here have advice on the application process? More specifically: (1) Is the personal statement just like the personal statement for other graduate programs or is there something different that they want? What sort of things did you talk about in your essay? (2) The three schools she's interested in are all in California: University of Pacific, University of San Francisco, and UC San Diego (where she's a student now). Do you know about any safety schools in California? Or good pharmacy schools or good safeties out of state? (3) Any other general advice? What was your application experience like? When did you turn your application in? What was your GPA? Etc., etc.

Does UCLA have a pharmacy program?

I know USC and US of Francisco have pharmacy programs and are good pharmacy schools. But what about UCLA. Can i got there and take all the required classes to become a pharmacist? And by the way just in case i was told wrong, what is a pharmacy program? Oh ya and which USC has the pharmacist program because they're are a whole bunch. oh by the way..what about University of San Diego?