Questions About Santa Rosa Island

Where is the outrage from PETA and HSUS over the elk and deer slaughter on Santa Rosa Island in Cali ?

Nothing from the tree huggers at all when the plan is to slaughter all of the animals on Santa Rosa Island by the end of the year. yet Iowa has allowed dove hunting for the first time in almost one hundred years and the ourtrage from them is enormous. The animals are being slaughtered by the interior department because over a hundred years ago the animals were brought to the island, since they are considered non native they are all being killed.

Florida vs. Florida

Taking a family vacation to the Florida panhandle, and I'm wondering if St. George Island is as nice as the Seaside area? I'm open to other suggestions as well... My extended family takes a weeklong vacation to Grayton Beach/Santa Rosa Beach (near Seaside) every year near the end of July. We're thinking about trying somewhere new this year and have heard great things about St. George Island. Does anyone have any experience with this location? I've read on a couple of past threads that if we go to stay on the beach side, but that's about it. I'm wondering if anyone who has visited both of these locations has an opinion as to which is better, or maybe even a different suggestion in the same area? Port St. Joe? We are a family of 10 adults and 4 dogs, so child-friendly doesn't matter to us, pet friendly does. The less tourist-y the better, that's why we've stayed away from locations directly within the Seaside limits. Thanks!