Questions About Sdet

Testing, but not coding.

Do "Black Box" software testers still exist? Do I have to be a developer to find a job? I currently work as, essentially, a black-box software tester. I wonder if I should focus on becoming a developer or SDET, since it seems to me that the demand for people who just click on stuff and file bugs is practically gone. Is this actually true, or does it just seem that way? Are there still jobs for software testers who aren't also developers?

I want to go into programming, but the whole traditional college route isn't really working for me. What are my options?

I have two years of PT experience doing SQA/SDET work in an Agile shop, with Scrummaster training, certification, and experience. I'm competent in SQL and Java, and I can read .NET (but have to do some serious Googling/trial-and-error to write anything). I've spent 7 semesters at a top-tier univers…