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Simple, easy and delicious vegetarian Japanese recipes

Simple, easy and delicious vegetarian Japanese recipes I can make at home? I have absolutely zero experience cooking Japanese cuisine, but I would like to give it a try. I love sushi, miso soup, spring rolls, tofu, edmame and noodle dishes. (I'm aware these aren't the most uber-authentic selections, but I live in Texas.) I would like your favorite recipes/tips for these, or other recipes/tips for equally delicious Japanese treats. I am within a reasonable distance of a Central Market and a Whole Foods, both of which carry a small selection of Asian goods. I'm willing to purchase ingredients online. Important things to note: - Must be at least vegetarian (eggs and dairy okay) but vegan is okay too - Peanuts are out Thank you!

Simple, easy and elegant recipes that are always crowd pleasers: What are yours?

Simple, easy and elegant recipes that are always crowd pleasers: What are yours? Everyone has a few things they make that everyone always likes - often they are really simple. What are yours? One of mine is these goat cheese toasts It doesn't have to necessarily be that simple, but you get the idea. Great combination of ingredients, simple, but awesome. Thanks!

Simple, easy, elegant finger foods…on the cheap?

Browsing through recipe threads has my brain spinning, so I'm going to ask for direct help. I need to provide food for an opening reception for a photography show. We're expecting about 50 people. Instead of dips and spreads or cheeses, I've been asked to make things people can easily pick up and eat – but still looks nicer than dumping a can of nuts into a dish. Any suggestions for easy finger foods, ideally that could be made a little bid ahead of time, and that wouldn't be too cost prohibitive?

Simple easy webform?

Help me create a simple webform for a website. I need to create a simple webform for a website I manage. It's hosted at nearlyfreespeech. And I need to do it by tomorrow! The webform just needs to collect information from a few text fields, one series of radio buttons and two check boxes. And then it needs to send that info to a single address. Ideally, the user would then land on a webpage that would provide a link where I could re-direct them. I downloaded NMS Formmail but it isn't as straightforward as I thought. At least, I'm not able to get it to work on the NFS servers yet. I edited the file according to the README & the EXAMPLES and uploaded it but I'm getting an Internal Server Error when I try to submit my form. The server I chose at NFS uses Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2 Fast, CGI Help me!

Simple Digital Photo Frame for Grandma?

Recommendations for a cheap, simple, easy to use digital photo frame that runs off a thumb drive and is beloved by grandmothers? I want to get my mother a digital photo frame for her 80th birthday in 3 weeks. I have this idea in my head that there should be one that will run a slide show of about 30 - 40 .jpgs that I can put on a thumb drive and then take over to her house and plug in, thus letting me change the pictures fairly frequently. She doesn't have a computer; I don't have a way to transfer pictures to a memory card (except by taking them with my camera and I want more selectivity than that) - that's why the thumb drive. I've been googling but the options are overwhelming me and I've never actually seen one of these things in the electronic flesh so I don't know how they work or how hard they are to operate. I don't need or want it to play .mp3s, make phone calls, light up, beep, wash the floors or do anything except display pictures of the dogs, the grandc

What's easy AND healthy?

Help me come up with easy, low-calorie lunches. So I'm going on a diet, as I could stand to lose some weight. It's going pretty well so far, but here's the issue. I stay home all day with five month old twins. Between taking care of them and trying not to let the house get too trashed, I don't have a lot of extra time and energy to fix healthy food. It's easy, and tempting to just pop a hot pocket or something into the microwave. So far, I'm doing all right by simply not having that kind of food around the house. But, the lack of variety is starting to get to me. I've got a few simple, easy foods that don't take much time, but I'd like more options. They need to be: Low-calorie (preferably in the 300-400 range) Relatively low-fat (less than 6g is best) Quick and easy to prepare. Even very simple stuff is fine--I'm doing things like turkey sandwiches, oatmeal, pasta, etc. I'd just like to have as wide a range of options as possible.

Looking for a Simple Linux Monitoring Agent

I'm looking for a simple, easy to install, works on all of the major linux distros, works with SNMP, monitoring agent software.

It should simply report the disk usage, server load, process list, uptime, memory usage etc with SNMP.

Any suggestions?


edit - to describe what I'm trying to achieve in a more simplistic way:

I'm looking to install a tiny software on the servers I want to get real time statistics from and ability to connect that software to get those statistics.

Any benefits of using Windows Communication Foundation/ Web Services vs. a simple .aspx page for simple Desktop app-to-server communication?

I'm working on a VB6 app that will do some very simple communication with a web server (passing value and getting back an anwer. Low bandwith and infrequent use).

Someone suggested using WCF or Web Services. I'm wondering what the advantages are vs. just posting to an ASPX page like: and returning some simple, easy to parse text, like one value per line.