Questions About Simplyhired

Do you live in Manhattan and write code for a living ?

Looking for personal accounts from people living in Manhattan and working in the embedded systems field My SO has been offered a great job in Manhattan. The position comes with a subsidized apartment on the Upper East Side. I write code for embedded systems and I'm wondering what my job prospects look like if we move to New York. I've done some quick searches on SimplyHired, Monster etc. and it doesn't look like there are many openings in my line of work in Manhattan (that doesn't come as a surprise). I did see some listings for positions in New Jersey and Long Island. Obviously I can pull up these places on Google Maps and determine how far they are from Manhattan but I know nothing about transport options for getting myself to/from work and how brutal such a commute might be. My question, for those that live in Manhattan and work on embedded systems for a living: How far are you commuting from your apartment to your job ? How tough is your commute ?

Job search in 6 months, how to prepare?

I'm moving in the summer of 2007 to a new city. I'm a web designer/developer, how can I get a head start on my job search? (likely to Asheville NC, if that helps) The destination has a good handful of web companies but not an abundance. I have the experience, education and portfolio to get an ok job... if it is available. Job-sites (eg,, do not list much and adoption of craigslist in this small city isn't widespread. But since I won't be applying until 2Q 2007, the actual job search is only testing the water. Tips on how to increase my chances? Or, should I just apply to every job in sight when the time comes? I hear networking is big on the internets but I know no one in that area atm... Or, should I just work on beefing my portfolio/skills?

Los Angeles: How do I find an internship in mechanical engineering?

How do I find a paid internship or part-time job in mechanical engineering that will work around my school schedule (in Los Angeles)? I am working towards my BS in mechanical engineering (my second degree) at a university in Los Angeles. I currently have an internship in the engineering field and have been there almost a year, but am not feeling the love (my boss treats me like crap and the projects I've been getting lately seem more like 'busy work'). Though work now makes me frustrated and anxious, it pays pretty well and I can't leave without finding another source of income. I have a degree in English and an MBA (in finance) already and I'm still pretty young (27). I suppose I should have no trouble finding a job, but I want to find something to do with mechanical engineering in the Los Angeles area that can work around my school schedule. I look in online job boards, Craigslist, Simplyhired, Monstertrak, etc. and can find very few (if any) listings. I went to the caree

Software Engineer with nowhere to go?

Am I limiting my future job prospects by staying in my current job? If I'm not, what did you do with yourself to move up in the ranks when you started as a programmer? I currently work for a large medical company writing server software in Java using J2SE. Whenever I do a keyword job search for "java" on Craigslist or Simplyhired (among others), I get tons of J2EE and web-related jobs. I don't have experience in either of these two areas of Java through work or schooling, so I'm wondering if I am limiting my future job prospects by staying at my current job. Do you know of any industries out there that still write J2SE server/client or standalone applications? How hard is it to transition from J2SE to J2EE? Also, what did you do as a Java programmer to move up in your company? With my current employer, the only way a software engineer can move up is if they switch in to managing, and right now that doesn't sound like my cup of tea.