Questions About sites to listen to music at school

what are some websites that let you play music in school?

Alright, I know someone is going to day 'You shouldn't listen to music in school, they're blocked for a reason' well I know they're blocked for a reason. But I can not work in class without music. I tried doing my work without music but my grades dropped dramatically. The problem is now my school has blocked every site. So the question is do you know any sites that your school hasn't blocked that play music? I tried,,,,,,,

What's a Website that will let me listen to music? You know, like MP3Bear, thats NOT blocked?

I don't want to go on Facebook or Myspace, or even Deviantart. I just want to be able to Search AND listen to music online- without being blocked. Mp3Bear, and Bearhear, and all that have been blocked now from the school computer. Proxy sites have ALSO been blocked. So any chance of doing the whole,...proxy website thing, is dead. Try again, answer people.

What are some good websites that allow you to listen to music online free?

I have a music project for school where I have to find a musician/singer that can play piano well and bring in a piece of theirs. My teacher said that we can bring in an Ipod/mp3, cd or pull it up on the computer.My school has blocked,,,, and and the music site from msn. What websites allow you to listen to music online free (I was thinking of bringing in a piece by either Evanescence, John Legend, The Fray or Alicia Keys)? Thanks ---> Happy Valentine's Day♥

Where can i listen to music online on my netbooke because youtube is blocked?

Youtube is blocked and i have to do an essay for school on how does where you live affect how you live....i know pretty easy cause im in 6th grade...anyways i cant concentrate without hearing noise cause thats what gives me mom and dad put me in my room and said that i couldnt turn on my radio is there any sites that arent blocked that are free with music???!!!????