Questions About Siteseeing

Grand Theft Auto siteseeing

I'm looking for some siteseeing guides for San Andreas. What's to see in Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas? What makes for a nice country drive? Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is finally out on PC, which means the game is now 10x more beautiful and screenshot friendly. Does anyone know of good fan sites that catalog interesting places to go, beautiful sites, etc? I know of two: an online guide to real world destinations and Grovestreet on Flickr. But I'm looking for something more comprehensive, like a detailed map with lots of location markers and places to go. Those maps exist for gameplay stuff (oysters, tags, horseshoes, etc) - how about for places that are just plain interesting to look at? While it might be fun for everyone on AskMe to post their favourite spot in the game, I think it might not be so productive. I'm hoping somewhere deep in the fan community there's already a comprehensive guide. I went looking but didn't find one.

Montreal Stag

I'm taking care of my buddy's stag in Montreal and we are looking to get him into the last trouble he will ever see for the rest of his life. Which strip clubs / bars / clubs would you recommend in Montreal to have a good time? I've searched the AskMe archives for Montreal but everything was about foot / siteseeing. Montreal is renowned as THE party city of Canada. We don't have a ton of money to spend, but we aren't in the poor-house either. I'd say each of us is probably willing to spend around $100 (give or take) for a night out on the town. Suggestions?

Family San Diego trip

Soon to visit San Diego with a toddler. Would you help me to visit the nicest beach, tide pools and toddler/pocketbook friendly tourist spots? I hear the zoo is nice but lots of hlls make it a long visit. Sea World, is it worth the 55 bucks a person for a 2 year old to get a few thrills? This is our first family vacation and as such we just want to relax and do the beach/ siteseeing thing.

portland to minn

i'm driving from portland, or to washington, dc via minneapolis, mn. i'm a little bit worried about that first leg. i'm completely unfamiliar with that stretch of land. it just looks so big. and empty. and big. i'm driving by myself. so i'm also a bit weary of that. i've never done a big trip like this so i'm not sure how long i'll be able to go at a time - i'm guessing 8 hours. is that reasonable? assuming so, where should i stop? i don't need to do any siteseeing, really. really just looking to get through there as quickly and cheaply (and safely!) as possible.

Cross Canada by car in December

Driving across Canada, in December, please advise. How long will it take, and how bad will the snow / conditions be? I am an experienced driver, and the need is to get from Toronto to Vancouver and back. Leaving Toronto Dec. 1, and need to be back there Dec. 26. What I want to know is how long realistically will this trip take? I can push and drive quite long days, no need for major siteseeing or tourism on the way, the aim is to maximise time in Vancouver. There will only be one driver, but I have no problem driving 12+ hours per day. Travelling on major highways, will snow or really bad weather be a potential issue? It will be a rental car, so preparing with snow chains etc. will be kind of a hassle / impractical. And please, any other tips or advice you think I need for such a plan.

free-wheeling cross country trip on a budget.

I want to spend two or three weeks driving across country this summer, then probably fly back to the east coast. I have a decent amount of money, but I'd like to spend as little money as possible on travel costs and accomodations (so I can spend money on activities and siteseeing) I'd rather not use my own car, since it's not in the best shape. What's the cheapest way to rent a compact car for this and how much would that cost? How much cheaper (if it is cheaper) would it be to take buses or trains? How about accommodations for two? Roughing it is not a problem -- are hostels as cheap and easy to check into at the least minute in the US as they are in other places? I'd like to plan ahead as little as possible. Just skimming around, it seems like motels would be cheaper and probably nicer. What about camping (I have 0 experience camping)? What about AirB&B or couchsurfing? I have a couchsurfing account and have never used it -- has anybody her done