Questions About Skylab

I have 66 signed 8x10 colour photos of astronauts and need to sell them to pay for tuition, what should I do?

My dearly beloved Reddit. I have a collection of 66 signed color pictures of various astronauts. They all bare clear legible signatures and are in perfect condition. Some of them are crew photos (STS-5, sts 26, Skylab 1 and 2, Apollo 17), one is inscribed with a personal message, most are single au…

Party like it's 1974?

Help us party like it's 1974! A friend is throwing a 1974 party (she was born in that year) and my partner and I would like to bring a gift to the party relevant to that year. We've already drawn up an extensive list of '74 references (see inside) but are really missing out on ideas for food and drink. It's quite likely that there will be lots of inaccuracies in this list as we created it by scouring the web. As we're based in the UK it's quite Britain-centric but I'm happy to see ideas from the USA too. The key thing is for you to suggest some popular but perhaps kitschy 1974 food and drink items. Other fads and trends are also noticeably absent and could do with a bit of filling in. The party is fancy dress so we have to pick a costume connected to the year as well! Song ideas could be good as we might make her a CD. But if you want to make any other recommendations for the list, feel free. CURRENT AFFAIRS UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson