Questions About Southwest Detroit

I'd like to find images of homes, north of Michigan,on Junction?

4000 block of Junction (I realize that there aren't many houses still standing). I just want a picture of a house that is similar to the one we used to live in at 4055 Junction. I want to finish a sketch that I'm doing for my daughter and I can't remember some of the details. It had white aluminum siding in the front, but it's the porch I'm having so much trouble recalling. It would mean so much to her as she now lives in Seattle and has many happy memories of living in that house ! I thought that, because I signed in as requesting information about property in Detroit, Michigan, that the information could be pinpointed for me. If there's anyone who lived in Southwest Detroit about twenty or more years ago, perhaps you have a picture of what the houses looked like on Junction, just north of Michigan Ave. Thanks !!

Do Mexicans or other hispanic groups of people live in Flint, Michigan?

Does Flint have a hispanic community like southwest Detroit, in the city of Detroit? Im just curios. I would love to live in the Flint area. You can pick up great radio stations in Flint, like 102.5 FM WIOG coming out of Saginaw in the tri cities, and CK 105.5 FM based right in the city of Flint. I am African American myself. I like Mexicans, because I think they are cool. I like lowriders too.

Is it more economical to drive rather than fly from Detroit to Tampa?

Suppose I plan a trip to Florida for Easter break. I have researched airfare, and it costs $386 round trip by Southwest Airlines. I drive a Ford Taurus that gets 30 MPG on the highway. The trip is 1200 miles each way, or 2400 miles round trip. Divided by 30 MPG is 80 gallons of gas. At $4 a gallon, it would cost $320 to travel in my own car round trip. On top of the $386 airfare, I would also need to rent a car for a week, another $200 or so. I would need to pay for a hotel and gas during the vacation either way, so I will leave them out of the equation for now. Given all this info, would you recommend flying and renting a car for a total of $586, or driving for a total of $320 for gas?

I know. You can't get there from here. But she needs to.

My girlfriend is driving from Detroit to Los Angeles and can leave anytime starting tomorrow. But she's nervous about bad weather and ice storms. When should she leave? Help me plot out a sunny route to sunny california. So my girlfriend is coming from Detroit. The plan is to drive down through indiana to St Louis. Then through Tulsa and Amarillio. Through Albequerque and Flagstaff and end up in Los Angeles. The stops will be Tulsa, Albequerque and possibly Phoenix if she doesn't think she can power through to LA. She just called and says the weatherman reports there's another ice storm moving through the midwest and southwest. She wants to know when to best leave to avoid said storm and miss the window for the next. if you have any National Weather Service mojo, I'd love your help.

Why is there so few Holocaust museums in the US compared to all the museums for other 20th century genocides?

- The Tennessee Children's Holocaust Memorial at Whitwell School - The Dallas Holocaust Museum/Centre for Education & Tolerance - The Palm Desert Holocaust Memorial of California - The Florida Holocaust Museum - The Philadelphia Holocaust Awareness Museum - The Detroit Holocaust Memorial Centre - The Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial - The San Francisco Holocaust Memorial at California Palace - The Houston Holocaust Museum Houston - The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Centre - The Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance - The New England Holocaust Memorial - The New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum - The Los Angeles Simon Wiesenthal Centre - The Los Angeles Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation - The Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum - The Virginia Holocaust Museum - The New York Museum of Jewish Heritage - The San Francisco Holocaust Centre of Northern California - The Pennsylvania Holocaust Memorial

How Many people want to report illegal immigration violation? Well here's some number's.?

How Many people want to report illegal immigration violation? Well here's some number's.? Office of Detention and Removal Operations Offices Headquarters Director, Office of Detention and Removal Operations 801 I St, NW Suite 900 Washington, DC 20536 Phone: 202-305-2734 Field Offices Field Office Director, Atlanta 77 Forsyth St., SW, Suite 117 Atlanta, GA 30303 Phone: 404-331-2765 Area of Responsibility: Georgia, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and U.S. Virgin Islands Field Office Director, Baltimore 31 Hopkins Plaza, Suite 630 Baltimore, MD 21201 Phone: 410-962-2037 Area of Responsibility: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia Field Office Director, Boston John F. Kennedy, Federal Bldg. Govt. Center, 17th Flr. Room 1775 Boston, MA 02203 Phone: 617-565-3304 Area of Responsibility: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont Field Office Director, Buffalo 130 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, NY 14202 Phone: 716-551-4741 Area of Responsibil

booking trip to Las Vegas?

Hi. I'm trying to book a vacation package hotel+air and I'm looking for a good deal. I tried doing separate but still came up best with Orbitz. Are there any other good sites to look? Ive been to Orbitz, travelocity, hotwire, Kayak, Travel worm, Expedia, i4vegas, funjet, delta, southwest airlines. I'm leaving from Detroit probably 4 night at Mandalay Bay. Thanks in advance

Do you agree with this radical plan?

This is a plan I thought of, that would likely take place in 5-10 years. I think if the NBA were to go to Europe, there would need to be at least 4 teams, so an American team could play 8 games before heading back to the US. In this plan, I only expanded to 32 teams to the league. I moved Toronto and Milwaukee to the west, saying Toronto does not have that many rivals and Milwaukee used to be in the west anyways. Plus, Milwaukee in the west creates an automatic rivalry with Minnesota. I removed New Orleans because it simply is not a good basketball place (struggled to sell 15k tickets when the Hornets won 55 games), and I relocated the Clippers to Las Vegas. East Atlantic Boston New York New Jersey Philadelphia Southeast Orlando Atlanta Miami Washington Central Cleveland Chicago Indiana Detroit Europe Barcelona Rome Berlin London West Pacific Los Angeles Phoenix Golden State Sacramento Northwest Portland Minnesota Milwaukee Toronto Mountains Oklahoma City Denver Colorad

Are you looking for CHEAP Airline tickets???'s the deal. Everyone seems to ask the same question 10,000 here is the answer. You can start with the travel websites to compare and see what the airlines are offering. ALWAYS go directly to the airlines website to compare. Usually you can find better deals and avoid booking fee's. Also you will have a better choice of schedules and connections as well as non-stop flights. BEWARE of websites that advertise cheap or discounted fares. These are potential traps. These websites have restrictions on their tickets above what the airlines are. They are not changable for any reason and if there is a problem the airline will not touch them. Air travel is cheaper than ever and barely pays the cost to fuel the plane in the gate. So...quit asking where to find it and go look yourself. Find the airports website to see what airlines service the city you are departing from. Not all airlines use these travel sites like Southwest and Jet Blue for example. Ive used Ka

Last minute flights, are they cheaper?

I am trying to find a better deal on a one way flight from las vegas to detroit on april 9th. The majority of these flights are more than $400 just for a one way! i have already checked southwest and spirit is sold out, as well as the majority of travel sites...Anyone have any suggestions? could the flight decrease at the date gets closer because the airline wants to fill the seats? Thanks so much!