Questions About st ides heaven

Why is Malt Liquor so popular with Hip Hop culture?

Who drinks that stuff except in the Ghetto? Remember that Elliott smith tune? - St. Ides Heaven everything is exactly right when i walk around here drunk every night with an open container from 7-11 in St. Ides heaven i've been out haunting the neighborhood and everybody can see i'm no good when i'm walking out between parked cars with my head full of stars "I guess you could say that malt liquor is like a beer that makes you want to break stuff." -- Tim Teichgraeber, wine critic

who sais these quotes and to who in caesar? help plz?

The live-long day. (1.1.42) Beware the ides of March. (1.2.13) He is a dreamer; let us leave him: pass. (1.2.24) I am not gamesome: I do lack some part Of that quick spirit that is in Antony. (1.2.28) Poor Brutus, with himself at war, Forgets the shows of love to other men. (1.2.46) Set honour in one eye and death i' the other, And I will look on both indifferently. (1.2.87) Well, honour is the subject of my story. I cannot tell what you and other men Think of this life: but, for my single self, I had as lief not be as live to be In awe of such a thing as I myself. (1.2.92) I was born free as Caesar; so were you: We both have fed as well, and we can both Endure the winter's cold as well as he. (1.2.97) Ye gods, it doth amaze me, A man of such a feeble temper should So get the start of the majestic world, And bear the palm alone. (1.2.129) Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world Like a Colossus; and we petty men Walk under his huge legs, and peep about To find ours