Questions About St Stanislaus

I have Finals next week and they are crucial so CSU Stanislaus enrolls me. What are some tips on studying?

I need to have a C on Chemistry and Geometry for this college named California State University Stanislaus will enroll me. I'm already accepted and it would be a shame to not pass my classes because I have $12,000 guaranteed in scholarships that will pay off my entire year. I'm afraid of not passin…

Anybody know of some good Tropical or Tropical-like plants that will grow well in California?

I am landscaping my Mother-in-laws yard and she wants a tropical design. I am not having much luck finding variations that will stay alive through the winter. She is not interested in pulling them up and bringing them inside for the winter. I am settling for some more marshy and deserty looking plants to help supliment. But it's still not Tropically enought. Can't plant trees either, so don't suggest that. Thanks! I live in the central valley...Stanislaus County.

Sarah Palin is coming to speak at my university's 50th anniversary. Who would you choose to be a be the speaker instead?

At California State University, Stanislaus, Sarah Palin was chosen to speak at the 5th anniversary event.After Ne After news of Palin broke, students have united in opposition to this decision. [News Article](…

Reddit, Sarah Palin is speaking at my university for its 50th anniversary celebration. What should I do to help stop this atrocity like our Canadian brothers did with Ann Coulter?

I attend CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, California. [She is coming June 25th for our 50th anniversary.]( I am appalled at the choice …

Where should I go camping near Big Sur?

Where can I camp, off the beaten path, on the central coast of California? I'm planning a camping trip for 10-20 people over the July 20th weekend. We're all based in San Francisco, and the tentative plan is to go up to a spot I know in the Stanislaus National Forest. However, given how dry the weather has been here over the last couple of months, I'm concerned that by that point in the summer, the park's fire danger status will be 'high,' and we won't be able to have a campfire. That's no fun. In light of that, I'm trying to find an alternate location to use as a backup. I figured that someplace around Big Sur would be suitable, with more moisture and rainfall that might allow for safer open fires. Problem is, I've never been down there, and I haven't been able to find good information on camping there online. What I really want is a recommendation from someone who's done this. I want to do some proper wilderness camping, in the sense that parking a car and p

Boyfriend went to jail?

My boyfriend went to jail for a warrant earlier today. The police said it was for his old dope case. Well he got arrested in February 2008 and got out a week later the judge ordered him to do drug classes. He went to the drug classes and completed it, we have the certificate of completion paper saying he finished the classes and the other papers. We live in Stanislaus County but his warrant was from San Joaquin County (about 45 minutes away). They have to transfer him to Stockton jail, will they do that on the weekend or wait till Monday? And When will his court date be? Isn't it usually within 3 days? I will most likely have to show them the certificate? Any help will be appreciated. thanks...please no rude comments.

Name of song from 2002-2004?

It came out somewhere between (or perhaps shortly before) the years 2002-2004. It played on a Stanislaus (California) radio station fairly often (Hot 104.7 - back then it was called "Hot 105") if that helps anyone. The song was sung by a male. There may have been rapping, but if there was it was very calm and more like "talking," because I don't remember thinking of the song as rap or even hip hop (though it may have been). It was very smooth feeling, the vibe of the song was extremely laid-back and "cool," in a sense - but at the same time, I remember I wondered if it was actually considered hip hop because the beat sounded more like hip hop to me than R&B. The only bits of lyrics I can remember was that the song made references to California, low-riding, "leaning" or "laying" back or something like that (I believe he was referring to doing so in the car) and talked about cruising around in California, basically. There was more to the song than that I think, but that's all that I rem

Camping and swimming in Northern California

Looking for a smallish campsite in Northern California with close driving or walking access to great swimming holes. Hoping to leave Friday around 1 and looking for something within 2 - 3 hours of San Francisco so ideally would be able to get a spot at a 1st come 1st serve campground. Would prefer a smaller campground, but still car camping as we have some in our group of 4 without much gear to even walk in a mile or 3. Been focusing on either Yuba river, Stanislaus NF, or Mendocino NF, but the shear number of campsites around all of those makes it hard to find out much detail about them. I've been to a few around Yuba (White Cloud, South Yuba), and 1 in Stanislaus, but would like to try something new if anyone has a favorite out there. Anyone have any personal favorites that are close to good swimming access and meet the vague requirements above? Thanks for any ideas!

[Stanislaus County, California] (Criminal) Going back to California with an open case, not sure of possible consequences.

Hey there guys and gals, I was told this might be the best place to get a few things straight before I attempt to make my trip back from the east coast. A private lawyer is not in the financial cards at this point. Both offenses are of the same initial mistake, the petty theft/embezzlement are link…