Questions About stannous fluoride

How can I remove stannous fluoride stains from my teeth?

I have been using a stannous fluoride mouth rinse given to me by my dentist for the past month. My teeth now have very noticeable brownish yellow stains around the edges between the teeth. I've read that this is normal and that dentists can remove those stains during a cleaning. The problem is that my next teeth cleaning is 5 months away. Is there anything I can do now? It looks like I'm a smoker!

What is stannous fluoride and is it better than sodium fluoride in toothpaste?

I have noticed most toothpastes contain Sodium fluoride as the main active ingredient. However, I recently had used Crest Pro Health toothpaste which contains stannous fluoride. On the tube of the Crest Pro Health it said something like, stannous fluoride may cause stains that can be removed by a dentist. I have since stopped using that toothpaste as I want to remove stains not acquire them from this stannous fluoride. Anyone know why it says that on the tube and if stannous fluoride is better or worse than sodium fluoride?