Questions About Steamboat Willy

How to use The Mouse?

Copyright filter, again! There have been lots and lots of threads discussing trademark vs. copyright, etc, but in my searching I did not find the answer to this question: what will happen when Mickey Mouse goes out of copyright? I've read a couple of items, particularly this on Wikipedia. It says that Mickey Mouse is protected not only by copyright, but also by trademark. I understand the distinction (I think), but what I don't understand is how material in Steamboat Willie could actually be used. It feels as if I could not use any material from Steamboat Willie in such a way that would violate Disney's trademark. So, for instance, I couldn't open my own movie studio that used images from Steamboat Willie, because it would cause consumer confusion. And I couldn't open a theme park based around Steamboat Willie. But. Could I put something on a shirt? Could I sell a DVD of Steamboat Willie? Could I sample audio and video from the

Why does not Disney company produce "Mickey Mouse movie?"?

Speaking of a world-famous cartoon film character, there is Mickey Mouse. It will become popular very much if the movie which assumed Mickey Mouse a chief character is shown. However, the movie which Mickey Mouse appears is the works that "Steamboat Willie" "Fantasia" is old. His appearance works are extremely few. The Disney company produces many movies every year. But, why is it that they do not produce the Mickey Mouse movie which will make a hit? Is the reason because it may pollute a brand of Disney if the movie of Mickey Mouse fails? But, I do not think that it assume manner that world-famous, great Disney is such a coward. Because they have the very high filmmaking know-how! Why does not Disney produce "Mickey Mouse movie?"

What Is Your Favourite Disney Film Or Short Film?

I like The Hunchback of Notredame, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Lion King, Up, Alladin, The Little Mermaid, Basil and the Great Mouse Detective, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, all Mickey Mouse movies like Fantasia and all the Mickey Mouse short films like Steamboat Willie, especially with all the characters like Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy etc. I really do love them and love all the songs in the movies and love the Disney princesses ones.