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Steve Forbert song quest

MOR-filter! I'm trying to find a Steve Forbert song released before 1991 featuring lyrics about being hung/washed out/up etc.. My memory is shady. I'm 99% certain the song was by Steve Forbert and contained a chorus lyric along the lines of hung out to dry washed up, hung out washed up, left for.. hung out, dried up You get the picture. I've tried listening to as many online clips as I can and I can't find the song. Don't see the lyrics after extensive googling. I also remember his hit Romeo's Tune being on the same cassette, so I'd guess this was a homemade compilation, because this song is not on the Jackrabbit Slim album, and he didn't have greatest hits compilations out before 91. The song I'm looking for was a good song though. Catchy, and good. (I think.)