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Stocking Stuffers for Young Boys

Can you suggest some stocking stuffers for two boys, ages 11 and 13? They need to be inexpensive ($5ish) and ideally Amazon Prime items. Unsurprisingly, the boys like sports and video games. I'm a big reader though and I try to instill a reading habit in them when I can. I always loved my stockings growing up (and was disappointed when mom thought I was too adult to have them anymore) so I need good ideas for my own son's stockings.

Making a HUGE stocking for boyfriend. Ideass?

My boyfriend and I are exchanging big stockings as Christmas gifts as our anniversary is early January and we buy boxing day sales for that lol. But these stockings are huge and I'm spending almost 100-150 on it. He is 18, loves video games and geeky things. He's not into sports or cars, doesnt play any instruments but loves music. He loves technology and like old game systems and mario, but likes call of duty and all that too. We play board games a lot so fun games that are small are helpful. He doesnt like candies and sweets. I also have all the normal stocking stuffers like body wash and keychains. I have a lot of stuff for him so far but I need UNIQUE things to fill the rest of it. So far I have • Batman USB lol •Funny boxers •New watch •Plain t-shirts •Cards •Clothing store Gift Cards •Chocolate bars •Movies •Sweater (its a huge sock to fill) •Wallet •Belt •Homemade Scratch Tickets •Framed picture of us •Cologne •Graphic novels •New ipod car dock • Some yugioh cards because h

Ok Reddit, I need ideas for stocking stuffers and I know I'm not the only one, so lets get a list going. What are your favorite stocking stuffers?

Seriously, anything that fits in a stocking that someone might like. Here's a few that I've done in the past. -A framed 3x5 photo of my brother and I for our dad. -Random gear and clothing adorned with the logo of a favorite sports team -A box of 35mm film for a photographer buddy -Fudge -DVD's o…

Question : How involved is Mark Cuban with MMA, Art of War ,and Sun Sports and Entertainment (SSPE)?

I've read from several sources that Mark Cuban is getting involved with MMA and wants to give UFC a run for their money. If so, I'm going to pile some cash into SSPE Sun Sports and Entertainment. I learned a long time ago that the only way to make money on stock is to "buy the rumor" and I've seen this rumor popping up on loads of blogs. My main question is: would he just "back" SSPE or would he take over or acquire the company? It seems that I would make money regardless! Please, anyone who knows, give me some input. I've done research and there are several connections between Mark Cuban and Sun Sports and Entertainment management. Please Advise!