Questions About Stripclubs

Help me stay away from stripclubs (and hookers)!

When I am out on the town drinking with friends and coworkers, I "slip". When I am drunk and it's time to go home, I go the red light district. I spend too much money on drinks and women. I also use prostitutes. I know, I am scum. I don't want to do this. I am married with kids. I love my wife. I love my kids. I want to be able to look them in the eyes. I want to end this nasty habit. It is immoral, stupid, expensive and depressing. When I am sober, I can control the urge. When I am drunk, I follow it. I like the atmosphere in a stripclub, but I also know its just a illusion. I don´t like to be with a hooker. The sex is sad. I have no illusions. I have no sexual needs that my wife can not fullfill. I do it, because, I feel bad. I have always had low selfestem, but now I have a reason to really hate myself. How do I get over this, and learn to live with myself? How do I make sure, this behavour ends for good and I never set foot in

What is a good stripclub for a 22 y/o model type (thin) good looking black girl in SoCal that is not ghetto?

I am moving from Atlanta to California in like 6 mos. so my child can be closer to his father and I need an extra job when I get out there. I have worked in the creme de la creme of stripclubs in Atlanta, but I never worked in black clubs. I hope you guys can help me out. I actually do have a "real" job in response to that ignorant comment, but as I stated before I want to get an EXTRA JOB......

Planning on moving to Las Vegas. Should I look into craigslist for being someone's roommate?

I'm from the midwest working at local stripclub as a bouncer and bartender. I'm planning on moving to Las Vegas to become a more seasoned bartender and bouncer at a bar or gentlemen's club in the future. I heard using craigslist is kinda shady especially looking for place in Las Vegas. I'm trying to not spend so much money when starting to live in Vegas. Any suggestions?

Fun ideas for my Bachlorette Party??

I'm going to planning my own bachlorette party, my bridal party is going to plan my Bridal Shower so they told me to plan my Bachlorette Party. I'm a mom of a 2 year old so I want a Night OUT...the whole traditional bar thing. I like the whole Moulin Rouge idea (seen on Rich Bride Poor Bride), but they don't want to do it. SO I need some fun ideas, their going to buy t-shirts white Maid of honour, Bridesmaids....etc, but I want to wear something different. I need FUN IDEAS.....nothing embarissing.......NO stripclubs.... I also picked the location a bar I love but they don't agree but say they will go if I really want them too but their kinda making me sound like I'm making them go, they keep suggesting other places I've been but didn't like, any ideas for this problem??? I have NEVER been to a bachlorette party, so I need to know what i'm going to need since I'm doing this all myself. I live in Canada and my favorate bar is across the street from my complex....a 3 mintue walk :

Is it immoral to keep harassing my creditcard company ?

I have no life, so the little joy i have is using a paki accent and dispute all my adult charges on my credit card. I especially find it amusing when they have to repeat where it was bought, the names of the videos, 1-900 numbers i use and stripclubs i attend. I go for as long as i can with my credit card company, i fight for little things such as seconds billed to the titles i rented. I ask about refunds, I love putting them on the spot. I tell them my american is no good and i like picking up big girls from macdonalds, that's why i use my credit card there I'm so torn between what is right and what is fun? What would you do? Sorry my dilemma is that they find a way to send me to the newbie's and i got this chinese one- that month i rented 30 dvd's and i made a list and wanted to confirm it with her, I pretended I couldn't hear- I told her last month my hearing really good i don't know what happen, i made her repeat my transactions, i kept make repeat with her louder until she

It's Christmas: give him the gift of naughty and nice.

A dare: help a friend be naughty. My friend J and his wife C are very, very close and have the type of marriage people envy: deep friendship, crazy good sex, infinite trust, beautiful children, and a bond for which an appropriate positive adjective fails me. In short, they are the best of friends. I am fortunate in that they share a great deal of their personal life with me. Here's the dare: wife C is known for being extremely eagle-eyed and knows the most random minutiae of husband J's life, without even making an effort. They got the whole mindreading thing goin' on. They have made a bet with each other, the bet being that J in no way could ever do anything behind C's back without her knowing about it. In short, he has to do something clandestine and she has two weeks to identify what it is he's done. So. J and I have been trying to concoct a plan for J to do something mildly naughty behind C's back to see if she'll figure it out. So far, we've only come up

Where to buy club / stripclub wear in Las Vegas?

I want to pick up some minidresses or tiny club wear in Vegas. I also want to pick up some high-heeled shooes. My hubby wants me to get a pair of clear, 5 inch heels for kicks. I tried to buy a pair on ebay, but they said they were a size 5 and were labeled as such, but they were a little too big. I would like to find couple of recommended stores that offer this type of racy stuff that you can actually try on. It's so hard to buy shoes online or little dresses.

What are the best clubs in Atlanta to work as a cocktail waitress?

I've just moved to Atlanta and need a well-paying summer job FAST! I'm 21, African American, very hardworking, and attractive. Not to be arrogant, I am just well aware that good-looking cocktail servers are able to make a lot of $$$, which is why I need the position. I'm looking for a nice place, no stripclubs, but have no idea where to start and can't find any listings online. PLEASE share if you know of any clubs/lounges that are currently hiring or might be within the next week. Thank you!