Questions About Sub Terra Stinglash

Can you rate all my bakugan?

Here they are: Pyrus: Dragonoid 400 g's delta dragonoid 560 g's gorem 300 g's centipoid 540 g's dragonoid apollinir 700 g's Haos: Lars lion 620 g's blade tigrerra 440 g's wavern 340 g's tigrerra 300 g's sub terra: diablo preyas 510 g's oberus 570 g's saurus 510 g's stinglash 350 g's tuskor 400 g's Darkus: Dual hydranoid 580 g's preyas 500 g's serpanoid 250 g's exedra 450 g's frosch 610 g's aquos: Falconeer 500 g's gargonoid 390 g's ventus: storm skyress 500 g's These are my bakugan. And yes i am trying to collect all of the main talking character bakugan (dans, runos, maruchos, shun's, julies, alices, and joes.) Please rate ?/10 oh and if any of you play halo 3 please leave you're GT and maybe we can play. The names The Annhiolator. see you soon.