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Where Has Courteous Customer Service Gone In America?

I just got back from Rite-Aid after turning in a prescription at the pharmacy and my goodness the pharmacist was RUDE! I'm an ex-Wal-Mart supercenter cashier so I know a thing or two about customer service, but this man got my blood boiling. I asked him if he would match Wal-Mart's price and he wasn't even listening to me (even though I was the only one turning in a prescription) and then he turned to me and rudely asked, "huh, what did you say?" So I repeated myself and then he answered rudely, "well if it's one of those prescriptions Wal-Mart would match!" He didn't even have to rude at all. He didn't ask for my name, phone number, and he didn't even tell me when my prescription would be ready. I looked at him and said, "well that was rude" and he just glared. Yikes. Then two cashiers at the front were getting into it (cussing in front of customers) and I just walked out of there. Where has courteous customer service gone? Feel free to share your stories of bad customer srvice.