Questions About Sweat Gland

Did I permanently break my sweat glands?

I think I permanently broke my sweat glands. I've been using Certain-Dri not as directed; basically, 2 or 3 swipes under each arm in the morning, instead of the one at night as recommended. Again, I am aware this is not as directed. But here's the mystery. One day I put on the stuff and my left armpit started screaming bloody murder; I washed off the residue and saw I had a huge rash. The right armpit was fine. A week later, after using nothing under my arms since the rash/bad reaction, I realized that while the rash is almost gone, my left armpit does not sweat at all. At all. The right armpit, which never had that reaction, is happily sweating away. Is this permanent? While I feel weird that I fucked up my body, it's actually kind of awesome. I googled pretty much every term I could think of but asymmetrical sweat gland malfunction is not the easiest thing to find.

Has anyone had liposuction to control underarm sweating?

I've dealt with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) since I was a teen, and I'm sick of it. I've already tried the perscription stregnth anti-persperants (and that includes that new Secret stuff), oral meds, and a little gadget supposed to stunt the glands with electrical pulses. No luck. I've read that surgical removal of the sweat glands is pretty effective and relatively safe. I also like that it's permanant, unlike Botox. Has anyone tried this? Did it work? Was the recovery difficult? How much did it cost? Please help, I'm getting married and don't want to ruin my dress!

Excessive sweating problem?

I'm a 15 year old girl and I have terrible excessive sweating in my underarms. I keep my underarms clean (I don't even shave them, i either wax them or use an epilady) so they are always clean. I can be sitting in a room temperature room and I will just sweat like crazy. I will get home and my underarms will be drenched with sweat, it's disgusting, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. I am afraid to wear light colored shirts that I have bought and love. I have a white long sleeve shirt that I wore only for a few hours and it resulted in permanent yellow stains on the shirt. And yes, of course I use deodorant. I even tried Certain Dry and that doesn't even help. I don't want to use anything stronger than that because deodorant products usually have an aluminum base and are know to contribute to breast cancer and underarm cysts due to clogged sweat glands. I'm considering sweat gland removal surgery. Do any of you have/had this problem? What do you guys suggest? Thanks in advanced!

does driclor really stop you from sweating?

im thinking of buying driclor soloution, does it stop you from sweating? or is there any other things that will stop me from sweating, something that will close my sweat glands? because im a 13 year old girl and i sweat alot. its really embarrassing & i hate it so much, theres puddles under my shirt all the time, so is there anything i can use? or does it work? thanks x

Reddit, my dad tells me his doctor gave him a topical chemical treatment to prevent foot sweat and, therefore, foot odor issues. Can you help me figure out what it was?

My family has very sweaty and smelly feet. It is rather extreme, as I will leave large wet spots when working out barefoot. My dad tells us that when he was much younger his doctor soaked his feet in some chemical which destroyed the sweat glands, and his feet have not sweated since, and he has n…