Questions About tervis tumbler

Where can I find tervis tumbler wine glasses WITH a stem?

While shopping with a friend, I saw tervis tumbler wine glasses w/ college logos, initials, etc. on the insulated designs. They had the stem which I hadn't seen before. I looked on the tervis website and they do not make these. I've searched online for another manufacturer and can't find them anywhere. I was visiting from out of town and don't know the name of the store to call. Since they would be a gift for the friend I was with, I wanted to try to find them on my own without having to ask her or travel back to NC to get them.

What do you do with your Tervis Tumbler cup lids & straws?

We have just put in a pool and adopted the NO GLASS rule. I picked up a bunch of the tall Tervis Tumber cups and also got the lids with the straws but I can't figure out how to store them. The cups go fine in the cupboard but I don't always want to use the lid and straw so I don't want to keep them with the cup. There must be a logical place to keep them but I can't figure out where.