Questions About The Age Of Persuasion

Help me find the podcast that's just right!

Podcast recommendations sought! Snarky, humourous, preferably with some sort of informational content. I'm really picky about my podcast content. It needs to be quick (both in terms of tempo and in terms of wit) enough to keep me entertained through boring chores or workouts, but still have some sort of coherent narrative. I especially like snarky or ranty podcasts that tell me something about something - the economy, movies, the news, etc. I would say my sense of humour is probably more Jon Stewart than Stephen Colbert, if that makes sense. Also, McSweeney's and The Onion are both pretty hit-and-miss for me. I currently subscribe to and love: Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me Planet Money Freakonomics Kermode and Mayo's Film Review MetaFilter Podcast I have tried, and rejected: The Bugle (good in small doses, I check in occasionally) This American Life (the episodes kept piling up and I kept deleting them) You Look Nice Today Jord

What is the title, introduction, and conclusion the persuasive speech after you read detail below?

I can use already this persuasive speech but you read this, before your answers below: It may be said that the Filipinos are intelligent, with retentive memory, quick perception, and talents for art and science. They also are gentle, friendly, and cheerful people, noted for their courtesy and hospitality. Filipinos are famous not only for their warm hospitality, but also for their close family ties. The parents work hard and sacrifice much for their children; in return, the children love and respect them and take good care of them in their old age. Filipinos owing to their beautiful country, are passionately romantic. They are ardent in love as they are fierce in battle. They are born poets, musicians and artists. Filipinos are a liberty-loving and brave people. They valiantly resisted the Spanish, American and Japanese invaders of their native land. They rank among the bravest people of the world. Filipino courage has been proven in the Battle of Mactan (1521), in the Battle of Ti

Does this scare you? Republicans registering as Obama democrats with the intention to unseat Clinton?

Obama's young backers twist parents' arms By yankinulster - Apr 8th, 2008 at 5:31 am EDT Also listed in: 10 groups Comments | Mail to a Friend | Report Objectionable Content Great article in today's New York Times: "Obama's young backers twist parents' arms". I'm still working on my mom, who was offended by Barack's comparison of his wife with Jacqueline Kennedy. Both mom and dad (and everyone else I talk to) agree Hillary Clinton's bid is finished. Yet my family focus group would plump for McCain, so there's a lot at stake! Obama's Young Backers Twist Parents' Arms By JAN HOFFMAN The daily phone calls. The midnight e-mail. And, when college lets out, those dinner table declamations? Oh, please. Senator Barack Obama’s devotees just won’t give their parents a break. As the race for the Democratic presidential nomination continues, youthful volunteers for each candidate have been campaigning with bright-eyed brio, not only door-to-door but also at home. But the young su

Help a teenager make the most of his summer.

Help a teenager make the most of his summer This summer will be my first truly free summer; before this I had always been carted away to various camps and activities, and with my newfound 16 years of age I've been deemed by my parents "free". I'm CITing at a camp I used to go to, but that is really my only required activity all summer. I haven't gotten a job, which isn't optimal but isn't the end of the world either. So, my question: If you, with your experience now, had a free summer, what would you do with it? What activities and skills would you learn? What books would you read? What articles online would you read? Any blogs to subscribe to? Life long habits and hobbies to form? A little background on me, to guide your insights. I'll be a junior next year (the whole college process has to start sometime). I think I probably want to do something with technology; I have done a lot with web design in the past (CMSs and the sort) but I realize now tha

Bachelors & bachelorettes in the woods

What are some suggestions for coordinating a "dating game" or fun "speed dating" activity at an outdoor camping event this weekend? The general intent of the activity is to laugh, get people more familiar and comfortable with each other (platonically or romantically), and maybe even make some matches. Attendees will be grown women and men of assorted social persuasions. Asking anonymously since some of the attendees may be reading this and I'd like it to be a bit of a surprise. I have about 2 hours of time to fill. I expect there will be maybe 20-25 people there at the most, some single, some married & open, some straight, some gay, some looking for lovers, and some just looking for giggles. They'll be a range of ages from 20-60s, all with a spiritual connection to nature, many of them fairly intellectual, and most with a good sense of fun and humor. I have vague ideas that I'd like to get people to meet-&-great amongst each other, pairing off

What is the best dating site for goths and other subculture types

What is a good dating site for goths or other subculture type people? I would like to find a woman for a long-term monogamous relationship. What I'm really looking for is like you know, a permanent relationship with no intention of breaking up. I've been looking very energetically on OKCupid and I've found some really cool women on that site. Lots of super nice and intelligent people on there. All ages. It's cool. However, the problem I'm running into is that I have a very dark sense of humor and most people can't relate to that. I can get along with just about anyone, but I have a hard time relaxing and being myself around regular normal people. I feel like I always sort of have to watch myself. If I loosen up too much I'm going to alienate people. I'm not trying to cop an attitude like I'm superior. That's the last thing I'd want to do. It's just that growing up all through my impressionable formative years I subsisted on a steady diet of Joy Division

What do you think of this persuasive speech?

Humanity is sitting on a volatile time bomb—one that could send the entire planet into a tailspin of epic destruction, with detonation not far in the future. Some would disagree and say no. But the facts are in: Glaciers in Greenland, Alaska, the Himalayas and the Antarctic Peninsula are retreating. Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean during summer is disappearing. Permafrost (permanently frozen soil) in Canada, Alaska and Siberia is melting at an alarming rate. Hurricanes are becoming more numerous and more intense, and sea levels are rising. The term “global warming” is at the forefront of many minds, and for several reasons. Shouldn’t we be concerned? The evidence for this temperature rise is unequivocal and, with greater than 90% certainty, scientists have determined that most of it is caused by human activities that increase concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as deforestation and burning of fossil fuels. This finding is recognized by the national science academies

What would you recommend to read?

I'm 13 and a freshman in high school, and we get to choose a book to read and do a project on (go over symbolism and characterization in the story, make thematic connections to other novels, etc.). I love reading and I don't mind long books, and some of my favorite genres are mystery, adventure, and any book with dramatic turns and climaxes. I adore Harry Potter and it's one of the few books I've read over and over, and I like horror stories as well, anything that grasps your attention. I'd rather hear an opinion about one of them rather than read the summaries and be exposed to spoilers. It is a quite extensive list. Our choices are the following: The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy Atonement by Ian McEwan The Awakening by Kate Chopin Beloved by Toni Morrison Benito Cereno by Herman Melville Billy Budd by Herman Melville Black Boy by Richard Wright Bless Me, Ultima by Ru

What are some interesting persuasive essay topics?

Next Thursday, I have a persuasive essay due for English class. I need some interesting topics to write on. The idea is to state my opinion on a matter and persuade my readers to agree with my viewpoint by giving logical, intelligent and original arguments to support it. Some example topics include the matter of abortion, animal testing, school uniform, legal drinking age, etc. If you can give me some ideas it'd be much appreciated! Thanks.

I need a persuasion speech topic! Best gets all stars!?

It has to be somethIng I can prove to be true by persuading or false Like something I believe in.. But something I could fight for either way.. Not like smoking bc I can't convince ppl why they should smoke ya know... It cant be Drug testing​Abortion​T.V. Violence Alcohol Related topics​School Prayer​​Voting Smoking​School Uniforms​War in Iraq Drinking and Driving​​Capital Punishment​Cell Phones/Texting​ Steroids​Diabetes​Recycling Blood Donation​Adoption​ Organ Donation​Exercise/Healthy Eating​ Plasma Donation​Eating Disorders Sexual Transmitted diseases​​Seatbelts Global Warming​Legalization of Marijuana Illiteracy​Lowering the Drinking Age Heart Disease​Bowl Championship Series Gun Control​Gambling Video Games​Cloning Stem Cell Research​Tanning

Your opinion on this persuasive essay on school bullying?!?!?

I want to try to convince readers the dangers of bullying and how they can make a difference at their school. Your opinions? What do you think I'll score on it? Did you know that 1 in every 4 teenagers are bullied somehow in public schools every day? School bullying nationwide is a growing problem. But unfortunately, it wouldn't be likely that it could be stopped 100%, but it is possible that you can prevent others from being harmed at your school, and if you do this, you make a difference, and you can possibly save lives. There are bullies everywhere. They can be children and they can be adults. A bully is someone who repeatedly intimidates, harasses, discourages, saddens, or harms someone. Though these people come in all shapes and sizes, they seem to be found mostly in public schools, whether it's elementary, middle, or high school. Studies show that 25-35% of teens encountered some type of bullying in their lifetime (Melton et al, 1988; Nansel et al, 2001). Most of the sta

Fantasy readers: Are your reviews fair to the author or limited by genre preference?

While I understand that each person holds specific preferences, I can't help but marvel at the extent to which some readers limit their reviews. Sometimes I wonder if sub-genres actually serve to pigeonhole readers more than market like-minded stories. High fantasy readers who prefer stories rife with magic and mythos might criticize other sub-genres cast in contemporary settings--like realistic fantasy or urban fantasy. They feel there's too much gratuitous sex, violence, real-world rules, modernism, etc that doesn't allow for escapism. Or some readers might criticize plot-driven, formulaic adventures of Tolkien's caliber because they prefer character-driven urban fantasies. This is all fine and good but I wonder just how limited an author's reader demographic truly is. _________________________________________________ 1) How limited are your tastes/preferences in the fantasy genre? Do you read across sub-genres or not? 2) When reviewing a book, are you pointing out the author's

Which of these novels is really good reading?

We have to read 2 outside readings every quarter for my literature class (recommended an epic/myth). Which of these books are really interesting and engaging? I don't want to be stuck with a boring book, or one that I can barely get through (like the Iliad). I'm definitely into action/adventure or some type of horror related epic (I like gruesome haha). But anything you felt was reading worthy is appreciated! (Sorry I know it's a long list) 100 Years of Solitude 1984 A Doll’s House A Farewell to Arms A Gathering of Old Men A Lesson Before Dying A Midsummer Night’s Dream A Portrait of a Lady A Portrait of the Artist… A Raisin in the Sun A Separate Peace A Streetcar Named Desire A Tale of Two Cities Absalom, Absalom Agnes of God Alias Grace All My Sons All Quiet on the Western Front All the King’s Men All the Pretty Horses America is in the Heart An American Tragedy An Enemy of the People Animal Farm Anna Karenina Another Country Antigone (Sophocles) Antony and Cleopatra A

Flordia state driving test help?

True or False: Alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fats, and tobacco all put a strain on your body's ability to cope with stress. True False 2 True or False: Portable alcohol breath testing devices cannot be used for persons under the age of 21. True False 3 __________ is one of many factors that can determine the rate of alcohol absorption. Temperature of beverage Food Age Time 4 Your license can be suspended for up to _____________ if you accumulate 24 points within a 36-month period. 3 months 6 months 9 months 1 year 5 The only real predictable thing about a drug and how an individual will respond to a drug is _______________________. That it is NOT predictable Available through the pharmacist Written in medical journals Known by the individual's doctor 6 ____________ parking is fairly easy. Angled Perpendicular Regular Parallel 7 True or False: Your driver license and/or license plates will be suspended for a period of up to three years if you do not have the proper i

As-it-happens research updates: can't write with 'em, can't write without 'em?

How to concentrate on a research-driven book project when the subject matter is periodically changing / being updated by other writers? My little brother is working on a history of a contemporary cultural idea sort of book. He's getting paralysed between sifting through daily Google Alerts and/or running random Google searches (with new search term combinations) on the topic and actually immersing himself in the research and just ploughing ahead. I've always encouraged him to do the latter, keeping blinders on for now, but he argues, persuasively enough, that he needs to be 1/ vigilant against being scooped, in which case he can still tweak his argument in time, and 2/ attentive to new information that could come up at any time and enhance his material. The problem as I see it is that he ends up being fascinated by only tenuously relevant factoids that spin off into their own smaller-project ideas -- keeping the project of his heart's desire from going forward. Never ha

How should I write the rest of my essay (Persuasive argument, pro-birth control)?

Hi. I am a freshman in advanced English in high school. I am currently writing an essay on the controversial topic of birth control being dispensed in schools, I am pro-birth control... Anyways I did not come here for an argument. How should the rest of my essay go? Here is what I have so far: You’re staring at a home pregnancy test on the bathroom counter when you should be studying for a quiz. The five minute wait for the results feels like forever. The results can change the rest of your life. Everyday a teenage girl has to go through this. The proper use of contraception could make one less teenager experience this. Many question if teenagers should be provided with birth control, especially where it should come from. Should schools provide the option of birth control to students? I believe schools should offer this option. Pretending that teenagers are not having sex is ridiculous. Parents cannot rely on enforcing morals and telling their offspring to abstain from sex until ma