Questions About The Cove

Show Me The Giants

Research help: Hope me understand the world of the SF Giants baseball fan. I'm not much of a baseball fan but for a work project I need to come to an understanding about the world of obsessive SF Giants fans. So, for instance, I know about the cove outside the stadium where kayakers hang out to catch balls, and I know about the player who's like a panda and the one with a beard, but that's about it. What else are Giants obsessives into? -- What do Giants fans argue about these days? -- What songs do they sing, or what sayings do they say? Special cheers? -- Are there special things they eat or drink? -- Are there special stadium traditions? (I remember when I lived in San Diego there was a certain mentally challenged stadium worker who went up and down the aisles selling newspapers, and at each Padres game when he sold his last one he'd get a big round of applause from the crowd. Anything like this for the Giants?) -- Is there a particular so

How to remove linoleum cove baseboard but not the linolleum flooring?

We want to leave the not too bad linoleum floor to tile over, but want to get rid of the cove baseboard. How is this doen? Thx Maybe my terminology is off. The linoleum curves at the wall and goes up the wall maybe 3 to 4 inches. Their is a wood piece that helps the linoleum make the 90 deg turn at the floor/wall junction. The baseboard is not the stuff that comes in a roll and glued on.