Questions About The Wasps

Is the Wasp Factory as bad as it seems?

Does the book "The Wasp Factory" get any better or less upsetting as it goes? (Minor spoilers only, please.) I picked up The Wasp Factory after it was recommended in this thread, and I've made it about 50 pages in so far. I'm an animal lover and a vegetarian, and the graphic cruelty in this book is making my physically ill, nauseous and upset. I know that some people seem to think this book is great. I am trying to spend this year reading great books that do new things with language and form, but I have no respect whatsoever for the visceral reaction this book is eliciting from me. Can anyone who has finished it tell me if it redeems itself at all? Should I continue reading? (Please don't spoil it, if it's worth sticking with.)

But Not The Wasp Factory, Please

Okay, so I found a recommendation for Iain Banks' The Wasp Factory via an old AskMe thread and picked it up. Unfortunately, this was the thread I probably needed to see. Kill all the people you want, fictional characters, but hurt animals and you've lost me forever. I'm not capable of the kind of detachment required to read about waging war on bunnies or oh. my. god. setting fire to dogs. What I liked about the Wasp Factory: very clean prose style--I'm not in the mood for frilly writerliness, but I also don't like mechanical writing, where you feel like a non-writer has a story to tell and everything is just plot, plot, plot. TWF had character-based forward momentum to it. If I could have gotten past the animal stuff, it was INCREDIBLY compelling and had moments of dark humor, plenty of surprises, a vibrant narrator, a creepy sense of place, and even though ultimately I couldn't get through it I was really into it--I flicked through to pick out the plot so I'

A wasp bit me and it hurt.

wasp and hornet filter: Does anyone know of a good product which can be used to *prevent* wasps and hornets from building their hives? Some kind of spray or jelly or strip of some kind? (That wont wash away in the rain)? Problem is wasps and hornets are building hives all over the place - on the siding of the house, even in the car (in between the small space or 'seam' around the trunk). I'm hoping to find some kind of poison jelly (like they have for cockroaches - cockroaches eat it and die; it doesnt wash away in rain, just sits there), or something can be just as effective. The goal here is to *prevent* the wasps from setting up shop in the first place (as opposed to spraying the hive with Raid once the wasps have already set up shop). I looked for such a product at Home Depot/Garden Center and couldnt find anything. Do such products exist? Any other tips for keeping wasps from building nests in a particular place? Thanks!

Chapter Five: I Am Attacked By Wasps

Why did the wasps attack me? What are these wasps? And am I a marked person? Shall I seek revenge? I was walking home from getting a pedicure late yesterday afternoon, and walked past the local wasp nest. It's a hole in the ground, surrounded by little stones. When I first spotted it some weeks ago, I thought it was some sort of rat or snake hole, but noticed a few wasps lazily drifting in and out. I thought, well, nice, circle of life, pollinating the world, etc. etc. So yesterday, I walked by and thought, "Hmm, it's a bit busy at Ye Olde Wasp Hole and HEY OW OW OW OW OW OW" -- I was stung by one, and then immediately stung by several others, (six stings in all), even as I walked briskly away. Even a quarter of a mile away, I was buzzed by a rather angry wasp. Criminy! The stings were more hot and pinchy at the time, and then raised welts appeared, which we treated with ice and vinegar. They're now a bit itchy, although the redness has subsided.

Wasps on the mind

Wasp problem: They're in my room, I have a phobia. What to do? It seems my dorm has developed a wasp problem. About a week and a half ago, I discovered one in my windowsill. It was moving around very slowly, as if it was debilitated. To deal with this situation, I first stumbled backwards, falling over and knocking over a fan. Then, I slammed the window shut as hard as I could and then sat around trying to cool down. My window was open in winter because the heat in this building is way too high, to the point where it's unbearably hot without an open window. I was surprised to find a wasp because at the time it was a cold February in the midwest. I live in a small single room (all of eight feet wide, approximately). I was freaked out for a while, but I got over it. Until tonight, when I saw one flying around my room. I ran out, slammed the door, and I'm now in an, uh, undisclosed location. This presents a problem. I'm absolutely terrified of returning to my roo

Wasp squatters need eviction

Looking to remove two wasp nests, but the location makes standard tactics not viable. I have a storage shed in my back yard that I well.. store things in. I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that there were a few wasps hanging around its general vicinity while I was out in the yard but didn't think too much of it until I saw a few fly in to the shed through gaps. I came back late that night since I needed something from the shed anyway and pointed a flashlight around looking to see what the little beggars were up to and on the ceiling I see not one, but two nests. They are currently small, one about golf ball sized, and the other about 1.5x that size. Now, I don't know if both are active nests or just one since it was late at night and all the wasps are asleep I guess. I have a huge phobia about wasps and going back in the day for recon just doesn't sound like a Good Idea to me. Past removal techniques have usually involved hot flaming death in liquid f

Can I screen out the six legged bastards?

Would placing an additional window screen material on the outside of a vent cause ventilation problems? This summer I wound up locked inside my apartment in terror because a group of wasps elected a pipe in my a/c unit (located on my balcony) as their new home. Since my fiancee and I are both allergic to bees, and because we chose our apartment for its balcony, this is a source of serious frustration - especially since even after exterminators killed the nest and our maintenance guy removed it, the wasps continued to return to our balcony in particular. I'll be damned if I let six legs win. My idea to prevent this from happening again is to make sure that there is no way they can crawl inside the outdoors-exposed vent that contains our heating and cooling unit. So I want to fix a screen that is tightly woven enough that bees can't get into it. What I want to know before getting happy with knives, screens and glue is whether the additional screen would cause any techn

Man vs. wasp

[Waspfilter] Where can I get my hands on some diazon (aka diazinon, aka Knox-Out) insecticide? Failing that, what can I do to get rid of all these wasps? My house has what is shaping up to be a serious wasp problem. In warm weather, they crawl all over the front of the house, in and out of various crevices in the brick, behind shutters, in and out of the eaves, etc. Various members of the family are allergic, and we spend a lot of time outdoors, so this needs to be addressed ASAP. After some research here and elsewhere, it looks as though Diazinon-based poisons may be the way to go. Things I like about this method: -- Doesn't involve a lot of contact with the wasps -- Kills the whole nest, not just stray wasps-errant -- Takes care of multiple nests at once (I'm fairly sure we've got a bunch of tiny ones tucked away in various crevices, and it's simply not practical to take off all the shutters, comb the attic, etc., to try to remove all the nests

Wasps in shed, no nest visible, what to do?

I have one of those rubber maid storage sheds. The wasps seem to be be building a nest in the hollow portions of the supports. There is no way to use a wasp spray into there. They access it at different points (door jam, another crack, etc). I'm not sure how to get rid of it. I thought about removing all belongings from the shed one night and using a fogger. Are there any foggers that would work? Any other suggestions? They're really getting out of hand!

A wasp has built a nest in my livingroom near the ceiling where I can't reach it except if I try to knock it down with a broom which I really don't want to do because if there's a mother or some eggs or something inside they may get me. What do I do

I'm friggin scared. I've been seeing the wasp flying in the window for a few days now and hanging around near the top of the window but I didn't see the nest until today because it's nestled on top of the curtain rod holder and you'd never see it unless you got close to investigate. I never tried…

There is a wasp in my closet. I opened the closet window, and closed the door. How likely is it that the wasp will hang out in there for a while?

I did this before leaving to get food. Just came home to find my closet door open! It was pushed open by the wind (or wasp). Should I shit my jeans or assume that it flew out? Edit: I live in Washington. Is this wasp looking to die or hibernate or what?

Oh sh!t! There's a huge wasp in the house and it looks like it's been building a nest for a while. How do I safely dispose of it?

Details, the nest is about 5 feet above the front door (inside), the wasp appears to be longer and slightly thicker than my index finder. Any suggestions would be appreciated Edit: I had to choose NOW of all times to listen to that horrible friday song for the first time. I think I'll throw mysel…