Questions About Thermo

How to design a controller/ controllers for a MIMO thermo-hydraulic system modeled in Modelica/Dymola

I am currently developing a large and complex thermo-hydraulic systems in Modelica/Dymola environment using ThermoPower library by Prof. Francesco Casella. At present, I have completed building our system model (which contains several closed-loop hydraulic circuits) and concentrating on designing controllers for the developed model. Given complexity of the system, I have about 25 PI controllers controlling various valve opening, pump, condenser and boilers. At this stage, I am tuning the controller gains using some judicious trial-and-error method. I tried to look into literature to see if there are any formal design methodology or any rule-of-thumbs for designing controllers for such a multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) thermo-hydraulic system. Consequently, I would like to ask if anyone can provide some pointers or literature/papers which deals with controller designs for such systems. Because my knowledge in controller design (sliding mode, linear control, root locus, etc) are not

Thermos or Food jar

Can any of you recommend a thermos/food jar that is durable and can keep food hot (not just luke warm) for at least 8 hours. I have tried a few thermoses and have been really disappointed even if I heat the thermos with really hot water beforehand. The ones I have tried were pretty cheap plastic ones. I am willing to spend more money on a stainless one or some other material if it works decent. I'd just like to get some opinions before I plunk down my money on any one brand of thermos. Thanks :)

How to make my thermos flask not ruin my coffee?

How to make my thermos flask not ruin my coffee? I bought a thermos flask, and it is making my coffee taste like dreck - horrible plastic-y dreck. That said, I've only given it two tries so far, and the foul taste seems to be weakening. Is there something I can do/soak with/heat/cool/manipulate to get more quickly to the point where I actually enjoy drinking the coffee?

Odor inside thermos cap

I got this Nissan thermos for my birthday this past August. I have no complaints about the way it works keeping coffee warm. But it does have a weird odor, and it might be haunted. When I uncap the full thermos in the morning, sometimes I smell standing water or mildew. I don't smell it in the morning when I fill the empty thermos. Then, when I pour my first cup into the plastic/steel cap and set it on my desk, there's a popping noise and water drips out from where the plastic edge and steel case meet. Not much, maybe a teaspoon. After the popping noise, the bottom of the cap/cup can be pressed in and out, like the metal lid of a vacuum-sealed jar. But only while it's still warm from the coffee. This has really just started happening in the past couple of weeks, since it's gotten very cold in my area. I wash the thermos daily with dish soap and a brush. While it has a faint odor of coffee, it doesn't smell like mildew except for this one time of day. Is ther