Questions About Thirteen Day

I have a month & thirteen days to lose weight. How much is it healthy for me to lose?

I'm 13, and I'm 5' 6'' or 5' 7'' (Not exactly sure) and I weigh 200. Right now, I do around 100 sit-ups a day, I'm starting to eat better, I'm doing 'Billy Banks: Tae Bo' (For about half an hour) & I jog/walk with my dad at night. I want to lose as much as weight as I can before I start school (High School, Freshman). I want to lose a total of 70, but for the month and thirteen days, maybe around 15-20 pounds or so. Plus, I just want to be healthier. Is what I'm doing right now healthy?

Making my cat comfortable in what may be her last days.

I think my cat is dying. How do I make her last days more comfortable? First, a little backstory. I've had Polly since she was born: I had her mother, Sarah, before her. She's thirteen or fourteen now, and has always stayed active and been healthy and alert. Lately, she has gotten very, very, lethargic. She doesn't want to go outside (which is odd, since she usually doesn't want to stay in and will vocally protest if you don't let her out), isn't eating or drinking or using the litterbox that we can see, and curls up in one place and refuses to leave (usually by a warm vent in my bathroom, though this morning she moved to the vent by my armchair). She's getting old, and has never acted like this before: she's not even meowing like usual. She's gone totally silent. I'd take her to the vet, but I'm in a situation right now where I just don't have the money to, having just spent most of my money right before she started acting like this on updating my dog's shot

Has thirteen years of WWW ruined my brain?

I think thirteen years of surfing the internet has ruined my brain. At home, at work, whenever I can, I'm bouncing from website to website, ingesting these quick hits of information and moving on to the next site at the slighted twinge of boredom. Doing this for 2-3 hours a day since 1994 has left me unable to concentrate on anything that's not absolutely scintillating to me -- I get impatient with conversation with my wife, I can't pay attention during meetings at work, and what's worst, it's very difficult to do my job, which is not interesting to me (but provides a high income that would be very difficult to replace by changing careers). I know I am putting my family at risk because of what I'm doing to my ability to concentrate, because I've already been laid off once from a position I probably could have kept had I been able to focus, and perform to my abilities. That I earn over $100,000/year currently is more testament to my potential, and ability to perform &

So many angsty thirteen year olds want to be my friend.

Myspace? Yuck. But I need to auto approve friends for the nonprofit where I work. All the programs I've seen to do this look like they're written by twelve year olds and/or are three day trials. Recommendations? I feel like MeFi may not really have a high concentration of myspace users, but I could be wrong. In any case, I have two thousand friend requests that need to be accepted (our cause is somewhat in vogue). Macros fail, and rather than download all the free trials out there I thought I'd ask here. It seems like auto-accepting friends should be an option built in to Myspace, but given how horribly designed the site is overall, I don't know why I'm surprised. Or maybe it's there and I'm just blind.

from TEN DIGIT to THIRTEEN DIGIT --- an improvement or a headache?

Once, there were ten-digit ISBNs. Then, someone added a three-digit "978" prefix, the checksum digit at the end of the number changed, and now ---shazam--- they are Thirteen-digit ISBNs. Are they planning one day to use prefixes besides "978"? What was the point of this massive and seemingly pointless change? Chatfilter, yes, I expect deletion. Any comments before that happens?

How to dress up for a thirteen year old Barbie Party?

I'm going to a birthday party, & the dress up theme is Barbie. I only have 22 days to dress up & find a dress so I was hoping someone has any idea on a shop to go to for looking for a dress that Barbie would dress up in. I am a brunette, & I would look really weird if I died my hair blonde, so that is out. I was thinking about curling my hair but if anyone has any better ideas it would be highly appreciated. Also shoes & makeup. Thank you heaps! (:

Help me escape this Texas heat!

Where can I go to escape the heat on a budget? Hi, I am looking to take my wife on a trip for a long weekend to escape the friggin heat here in TX. Thirteen days in a row over 100 and we are fed up with it. I could spring for about $500-650 for the trip. It needs to be in the U.S. since neither of us have our passports, but I don't imagine the two of us could get out of the country on such a budget. Ideally, it would be somewhere similar to Sitka, AK where it is rainy and cool. Perhaps we're SOL, but I thought I would mine the hive mind. Bonus points for places that might prove nice to move to when I finish school (Computer Science Information Technology).

Do I tell my boss about the other job?

What should I tell my prospective employers about my other concurrent working arrangements? Do I tell them about the other job? My high school career draws to a close in thirteen days and my exams finish a month after that. Come New Years Eve I'll be jetsetting to Singapore on a ticket paid for by my parents. I'd like to a) earn some spending money and b) pay them back for the ~$1,400 fare - so I've organised summer jobs. I've organised one full-time (albeit on a casual basis) well-paying job in the city and another casual job in a liquor store down the road from my house. Ideally, I'd like to work from 8.00 - 4.00 at my job in the city, then work from 6.00 - 9.00 at the liquor store on weekdays and work a full day on Saturdays at the liquor store. (63hr/wk) I'll be going in for the interview for the latter job soon. They'll ask what availability I have - what should I say? They know that I'll be on school holidays and will be curious as to why I can't work b

What happens if a company you have an outstanding order with goes bankrupt?

A company we ordered flooring from filed for bankruptcy while we were waiting for our stuff to come in. What now? We ordered $140 worth of flooring from iFloor on 11/22. Thirteen days later they filed for bankruptcy. They never contacted us to let us know. So today, I called to find out if our stuff arrived and am greeted with a notice that the store is closed - permanently - and I should leave my info after the prompt to be contacted regarding the issue. I'm pretty livid. But even more so, I'm unsure of what happens now. Do we get our money back? Do we get our stuff? Are we screwed? How long does a resolution, if there is one, for these things generally take?