Questions About tooth extraction blood clot

Tooth Extraction- Blood Clot?

I had my tooth taken out yesterday morning and it hasn't stopped bleeding ever since. Its not as bad as it was but its still bleeding. A blood clot has formed but its really wobbly and hanging in the socket quite far down. Its catching on my teeth when i talk/drink/eat, general mouth movement. Im scared its going to fall out too soon and im going to end up with a dry socket, which i have heard is really, really painful! Has anyone experienced the same? Thanks

Tooth extraction blood clot hanging out?

hello. i am 15 and male, on friday i had my upper left molar took out, and i had complications with it that night and it did not clot, i went to get it fixed later that night, and the dentist put little gauzes in the hole, and said that they will dissolve on there own, it has clotted up fine, last night i accidently knocked my tooth against it when i was sleeping and i woke up this morning, and there is a string of clot hanging down, i rinsed my mouth with warm salt water and i looked at it again and it seems like it is drooping and is going to fall out, it is now sunday so i cannot go to the dentist, what should i do? the clot is black?

Food in wisdom tooth while blood clot forming?

I have had my wisdom teeth removed 4 days ago and this morning I woke up, looked at them in the mirror, and one had quite a bit of blood. I assume a blood clot broke because of all the blood, I believe I broke it in my sleep. The problem is, this socket has a lot of food in it and because of its shape for the past 4 days I have not been able to get one bit of food out of it, not even with tweezers. Now that a clot if reforming, will the food be a problem? Should I find a way to get the food out myself? not sure if it matters, but this socket is also the one that has been giving me a lot of pain compared to the other extractions.

How do I know if I dislodged a blood clot from extracted wisdom tooth?

It's been 3 days since I got my wisdom teeth extracted. Today, I felt a bit of pain coming from my lower left wisdom tooth site. The pain went away fairly quickly, but it still got me worried about dry socket. When I looked inside, I could see the hole from the extraction. Is there any way to tell if I dislodged the blood clot? And if I did, how long will it take for dry socket to develop?