Questions About Toyota Corrola

Our Babies Need a Booster...

Can anybody tell us what kind of car seat our child should be in? We have 3 and 4 year old children approximately 37" tall and 27 lbs. Their shoulders are about 2" over the top-most shoulder strap slot on their seats. We are not sure if they need a bigger car seat or a booster. Any and all information and recommendations are appreciated. BTW, we have a Toyota Corrola which is relatively small so we can't use some of the Britax models (they are too big for our car).

Well it's not the oil level (check engine light question)

First my check engine light went on. After checking the oil I saw it was getting low, refilled it. I took it to jiffy lube cause it was time for all that. Then, a few days later, the light came on again. I'm going to take it to a repair shop, but I want to know what to expect. Just to let you guys know, the car is OLD, a 1997 Geo Prizm (exactly the same as a Toyota Corrola) with about 120,000 miles on it. Also, nothing else seems wrong with it to my ears and eyes.

How fast does the Honda Civic go?

And these: Hyundai Accent Nissan Sentra Toyota Echo Saturn SL I'm looking for a used car, most likely one of these because they are fuel efficient. Are there any other fuel efficient cars? I want tinted windows, and cruise control... so tell me which of these cars has these features and which don't. All for now... thanks folks. So none of them are tinted? :( I know you can get them tinted but doesnt that cost MONEY???!! Money I don't have. Thats why its better to get them tinted! How much does it cost to tint your car?? depending on the trimline chosen? what does that mean? what does in stock form mean? so whats the max speed for the civic? r u sure they ALL come with cruise control? ive been in new toyota corrolas and they dont have cruise control. and im sorry but i couldnt find this model of suburu u mentioned.... its not on unless ur not saying the full proper name of it.

Toyota corrolla extended warranty Is this good? corrolla owners??

Hi I bought a corrola and they loan guy wanted me to take the extended warranty for four years... It covers the computers in the car and it costs 500 dollars... Well the loan guy was so desperate to give it to us why??? Was he or is he hiding somehing from me?? Please tell me if the extended warranty is worth it.. If you didnt take this option tell me why and if you did also explain your answer Thanks in advance

Does a Subaru cost more to maintain/repair than Toyota? Auto mechanics please help :)?

I'm looking for a decent used wagon, crossover, or hatchback that's known for going strong even after it racks up the miles. I've heard that Subarus are very reliable, so I'm considering test driving a couple if I see ones I like. I've previously only owned Toyotas, so that's what I base my car maintenance budget on. Will owning a Subaru cost about as much as owning a corrola or camry? Any thoughts on gas mileage is appreciated too. Thanks