Questions About Troy Ohio

Planning a 3 day NY trip?

My dad has a business trip in NJ w/ paid hotel and it'd be a good idea for me(20)my sister(14) & bro(9) to come. We'll stay at Days Inn Parsippany for 3 days. We want to spend money as little as possible. Which streets are packed with the stores with big bargains(clothes, shoes, electronics, souviniers) other than Chinatown? Where can we eat for cheap and be full at the same time? Which popular attractions have long lines or would take a long time to tour?(Staten Ferry?Free Kayak? Others?) Is it recommended to bring a sandwhich and drinks rather than buy w/ a low budget? Is it recommended to bring bulky big zoom camera for pictures or a compact? Where is the US Open going to be held at and how far is it from Manhattan? I'm planning to go to Lower Man, Staten Is. in Day 1, Mid Man. and Brooklyn in Day 2 and Upper Man and do the most shopping in day 3, will this work? (We just moved to Troy,Ohio 1 year ago. Originally from Salzburg, Austria) Thanks in advance

How will the Troy Trojans football team do next year?

The nation's best pain-in-the-butt team, the Troy Trojans, have given teams a run for their money recently, beating Oklahoma State 41-13 in 2007 and has victories over Mizzou and Mississippi State. They had a 31-3 lead at LSU, trailed at Ohio State only 14-10, and made Florida State kick a Game-winning field goal at the their own homecoming a few years ago. This season, they play a regular Sun Belt schedule, but they also travel to Florida early in the season and to Arkansas late in the season. How will they do overall?

What do you think of this story out of Ohio?

TOLEDO, Ohio – A woman who had the wrong embryo implanted by a fertility clinic has given birth to a boy, her family said Friday. Sean and Carolyn Savage released a statement Friday night saying a "healthy baby boy," whom they plan to give up to his biological parents, was delivered Thursday at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. No information about the baby or the circumstances surrounding the delivery was immediately released. The Savages, of Sylvania, outside Toldeo, had said earlier this week the baby was to be born in the next two weeks via cesarean section. In the statement, the Savages offered congratulations to the baby's biological parents, Paul and Shannon Morell, of suburban Detroit. "At this time, we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to the Morell family on the birth of their son," the Savages' statement said. "We wish Paul, Shannon, their twin girls and their new baby boy the best, as they move forward with their lives together." The Savages asked

How come Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan get better athletes than us?

It seems like every other team in the Big Ten has always gotten the top recruits while we have to settle for the amazing students who happen to be average football players. I know here at Northwestern we're a different kind of school and athletes like Terrelle Pryor and Ricky Stanzi couldn't possibly cut it in such an intense academic environment but I do wish we could get ourselves some of the top recruits. Just imagine if Troy Aikman had gone to Northwestern that would have been FIT