Questions About truth or dare questions for girls sleepover

What are some good ideas for a little girls sleepover party?

Ok so sometimes i have sleepover partys at my house, and i need some good ideas that can include recipes, crafts, games, activities, ect. We are all pretty young, so we cant do anything that has liquor in it for the recipes. I just need some ideas for the next time i am hosting a sleepover party. Just like little truth or dare question ideas, cute crafts or accessories to make and stuff like that. Thanks in advance!

What to do at a 15 year old teenage girl sleepover?

there are two of us, we both are really crazy and silly and i need some ideas for stuff to do! its tonight and we are seeing new moon tomorrow but we need ideas for stuff to do tonight and tomorrow morning! this is what we have so far: mummy making, cookie baking, music, board games, movies, photoshoot, makeovers, stuff like that. please nothing innapropriate or something like truth or dare...some fresh ideas please! thanks!

What are some good games for a sleepover with 3 girls and 3 boys?

We are a group of kids ranging from 11-15. The only way my mom would let 3 girls and 3 boys come over is if there is no screen time such as xbox or laptop, and so i want there to be something fun to do. i only want clean games, nothing naughty! us friends are very close we could be like sister and brothers so no 7 minutes in heaven or spin the bottle or anything like that. I already have:ding dong ditch, truth or dare, i have never, and a silly string fight. PLEASE HELP!