Questions About Tyson Kidd

pick six from each of the three groups?

intercontinental championship 6 pack challenge potentials (pick six) 2 Cold Scorpio, Adrian Adonis, Al Snow, Andy Douglas, Apolo, Awesome Kong, Bam Neely, Big Show, British Bulldog, Buff Bagwell, Big Daddy V, CM Punk, Curt Hawkins Chase Stevens Chris Masters "Cowboy" James Storm Sim Snuka D'Lo Brown Droz Finlay "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Jack Swagger Johnny Stamboli Justin Credible Kane Ken Shamrock Kerry Von Erich Konnan Lance Storm Luther Reigns Marty Jannetty Matt Morgan Nathan Jones Nikolai Volkoff Orlando Jordan Owen Hart Rellik Renegade Rick Steiner Rick "The Model" Martel Rodney Rosey Savio Vega Sean O'Haire Shelton Benjamin Steve Blackman Sylvester Terkay The Great Khali Tatanka Umaga Vladimir Kozlov "Wildman " Marc Mero AJ Styles Alex Shelly "Blackmachismo" Jay Lethal Charlie Haas Chris Sabin Kaz Kiyoshi Paul London Super CrazyTeddy HartX-PacZack Ryder ECW Television Championship 6 pack challenge pick 6 Lance Cade Trevor Murdoch Rocky Johnson Tony AtlasDiamond Dallas PageMark Henr

Would this be a realistic Wrestlemania Card for this Year?

With the way things are in WWE right now, I can see this card for Wrestlemania... the Question is, Can you???? Dark Match - Santino/Kozlov vs Mark Henry/Great Kahli (WWE Tag Team Titles) - Winners = Santino/Kozlov -- Face it, WWE is just deciding to throw people in Tag Teams so they get TV time... I hope they decide to reform Kurt Hawkins/Zack Ryder.... That would be a good tag team... but Santino/Kozlov come out on top here... (Show Opens - Commentators - Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Booker T, and Matt Striker) Match 1: Us Title Match: Daniel Bryan (c) vs Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger -- Winner = Evan Bourne -- Swagger is traded to the Raw brand for lets say, John Morrison. Swagger starts a feud with D.Bryan, E. Bourne returns to Raw, becomes part of the Feud, and Bourne wins his first title in the WWE, the US Title.... Match 2: 27 Divas Battle Royal for the Divas Title - Winner = Awesome Kong - Kong will make her debut soon, possibly in this match, and win the Divas title. The only

WWE Tournament; Round 1?

Includes every male superstar in the WWE Alex Riley vs Evan Bourne Jimmy Uso vs Trent Baretta Yoshi Tatsu vs Heath Slater Tyson Kidd vs Matt Striker Darren Young vs JTG Primo Colon vs Tyler Reks Titus O'Neil vs Santino Marella R-Truth vs Curt Hawkins Derrick Bateman vs Michael McGillicutty Skip Sheffield vs William Regal Brodus Clay vs Bill DeMott David Otunga vs Jack Swagger Jerry Lawler vs Hunico Sin Cara vs Ted DiBiase Jey Uso vs Jinder Mahal The Great Khali vs Ezekiel Jackson Sheamus vs Mason Ryan Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder Johnny Curtis vs The Miz Drew McIntyre vs Daniel Bryan Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barrett Justin Gabriel vs Kofi Kingston Alberto Del Rio vs Cody Rhodes Big Show vs Kevin Nash Booker T vs Mark Henry John Morrison vs Kane Christian vs CM Punk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two out of Three Falls Match: Triple H vs Randy Orton Buried Alive Match: The Undertaker vs The Rock Stre

WWE (featuring Male TNA, ROH and FCW Champs) Tournament Round 1?

Yoshi Tatsu vs Primo Alberto Del Rio vs Chavo Guerrero JTG vs Skip Sheffield Titus O'Neil vs Tito Colon Curt Hawkings vs William Regal Hunico vs Tyson Kidd Vladimir Kozlov vs Eli Cottonwood Luke Gallows vs Shad Gaspard Matt Hardy vs The Miz Michael Tarver vs Rey Mysterio Joey Mercury vs Vance Archer Percy Watson vs Trent Barretta Tyler Reks vs Finlay Mason Ryan vs Zach Ryder Santino Marella vs Husky Harris Big Show (a really nice person in real life) vs Mark Henry Dolph Ziggler vs Caylen Croft Justin Gabriel vs R-Truth Heath Slater vs The Great Khali Cody Rhodes vs Tyler Black David Hart Smith vs Ezekial Jackson Goldust vs Claudio Castagnoli Douglas Williams vs Jey Uso Jimmy Uso vs David Otunga Rob Van Dam vs Triple H Darren Young vs Kaval Eddie Edwards vs Chris Hero Alex Shelley vs Sheamus MVP vs Lucky Cannon Chris Masters vs Drew McIntyre Kofi Kingston vs Chris Sabin Michael McGillicutty vs Evan Bourne John Morrison vs Jack Swagger Christian vs Alex Riley Ted DiBiase vs Kane Randy Or

How will Goldust play a role in costing Cody Rhodes the Intercontinental Championship?

I see Cody Rhodes hiring Drew McIntyre, Tyson Kidd, and Heath Slater to keep an eye on Goldust during his match against Booker T for the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown. Goldust comes out but is attacked by Rhodes' henchmen only for Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne to chase the heels backstage. This allows Booker T to get the win. What do you think?

ultimate royal rumble? i know there is only 30 people in the rumble but i dont care?

1-2-3 Kid A-Train [bio] Albert Kurt Angle Animal Arn Anderson Andre the Giant Tony Atlas Stone Cold Steve Austin Mike Awesome [bio] Wade Barrett Batista Paul Bearer Brutus Beefcake Brie Bella Nikki Bella Shelton Benjamin Chris Benoit [bio] Bam Bam Bigelow Big Boss Man [bio] Eric Bischoff Steve Blackman Boogeyman Booker T [bio] Matt Bourne Bradshaw Bad News Brown D-Low Brown [bio] Jim Brunzel Bull Buchanan King Kong Bundy Katie Lea Burchill Paul Burchill Big Bully Busick Butch (Bushwhacher) Cactus Jack Garrison Cade Lance Cade Haystack Calhoon Candice Mark Cantebury Carmella Leif Cassidy Carlito (Caribbean Cool) John Cena [bio] Chains (DOA) Chainsaw Charlie Cherry Anthony Chimmel Mike Chioda Too Sexy Brian Christopher Christian [bio] Christy (Hemme) Chuck Papi Chulo Chyna Beaver Cleavage Jonathon Coachman Michael Cole Primo Colon The Conquistador Rob Conway Justin Credible [bio] Crush Caylen Croft Reverend D-Von Khosrow Daivari Dawn Marie Danny Davis Simon Dean Debra Jimmy Delray Dami

WWE RAW Presents Breaking Point:?

WWE RAW 18:;_ylt=AtasKx8A1StiQhpzSi9O00Psy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090723234622AAKIFh7 Montreal, Quebec WWE Please Don't try this at Home: Advertisment: Fireworks & Pyro: Michael Cole: Ladies & Gentleman we are sold out here at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec tonight is WWE Breaking Point: Jerry Lawler: Yes Michael we are sold out and on PPV Were over 20 countries are watching on PPV: Match 1: No Disqualification Match: Christian def. The Miz: The Miz is pinned when Christian frogsplashes Miz on a table: 11:23 Christian celebrates the win Todd Grisham interviews WWE Champion Randy Orton: Orton says tonight I have a 1 in 3 chance of retaining my title and tonight i will still be champion: Match 2: United States Championship: Jack Swagger def. Kofi Kingston (c): Swagger & Kingston are hard at it for the entire match until Swagger hits the gutrench power bomb: 8:34 Promo for WWE Divas Championship 5 diva battle Royal: Match 3: Maryse def. G

Todays WWE News-9/18/09?

Mick Foley's Dad Passes Away, Angelina Love Update - TNA will tape more episodes of iMPACT this coming Monday and Tuesday in Orlando. - Our condolences go out to Mick Foley and his family as his father, Jack Foley, passed away on Monday at the age of 76. He passed away after a long illness and was scheduled to induct Mick into the Ward Melville High School Hall of Fame next month. - There has been no talk internally about TNA bringing Angelina Love back since her release. Update on Plans for WWE's Tables, Ladders, Chairs PPV - One idea being tossed around WWE is that there will be only one TLC match for the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view on December 13th in San Antonio. Besides that TLC match, the idea is to have a tables main event and a ladders main event. With Shawn Michaels being from San Antonio, it's likely he will be working one of the main events. 8-Man Match Announced for SmackDown Special, WM News is reporting that the Miami-Dade Sports Commis

Join my e fed old ecw,tna,and wwe combined,be up to 3 people plus bq.Also new people?

Chris Benoit{taken} Eddie Guerrero{taken} Big Show{taken} Carlito Chavo Guerrero Chris Masters Cody Rhodes Evan Bourne{taken} Festus Hornswoggle Jack Swagger{taken} Jamie Noble John Cena{taken} Kofi Kingston{taken} Mark Henry The Miz{taken} Montel Vontavious Porter{taken} Primo Randy Orton{taken by Cool Boy} Santino Marella Shawn Michaels{taken} Sheamus{taken} Ted DiBiase JR.{taken} Triple H{taken} SMACKDOWN: Batista{taken by Vince Mcmaho{WWWF OWNER} Charlie Haas Chris Jericho{taken} CM Punk{taken} David Hart Smith Dolph Ziggler{TAKEN} Drew McIntyre Edge{taken} Eric Escobar Finlay The Great Khali{taken} Jimmy Wang Yang John Morrison{taken} JTG Kane Kung Fu Naki Matt Hardy{TAKEN} Mike Knox R-Truth Rey Mysterio{taken} Shad Slam Master J Tyson Kidd The Undertaker{taken} Jeff Hardy{taken} ECW OLD AND NEW: RVD{taken} SABU{Taken} RHYNO Tommy Dreamer Sandman{taken} Raven{taken} Tazz Christian{taken} Ezekiel Jackson Goldust{taken} Paul Burchill Shelton Benjamin The Hurricane/Gregory Helms Tomm