Questions About unblocked games at school

Best Site to find Unblocked Games at School - Play Unblocked games at school during class in spare time?

Hey, where can I find unblocked games to play at school? Our network blocks pretty much everything except the school news site and the games on there are just lame and educational. I'm not a little kid any more and I hate that my teachers treat me you like a baby as if none of us have ever seen blood or boobs on tv before :/. Please can someone share the best unblocked games site they know of to play unblocked games at school?

Where Can I Play Free Unblocked Games at School or Pokemon ROMs? Any idea of some websites?

I want to play free online games at school. However, there is a problem. All the games at my school are blocked and during my free time (I'm a really good student) there is a lot of boredom with a computer in front of you in my classes and nothing to do. Thanks. Please provide a link to it :) Proxies don't seem to work as it doesn't run flash which is a shame.

Unblocked Game Websites?

Alright, so i'm at my school using my schools mac laptop, and i need an unblocked game website, please list a few of them, id really appreciate it. Thanks! So far, all i know is to Google "Hiddengames" That website has...maybe 15+ games, i've played that site for a while but its getting boring. Id also love it if someone could find an unblocked website for the "Pyro falling sand game". Thanks again!

How to unblock things on school computers?

At school loads off things are blocked. There is about 2 games that aren't and they're learning ones. My older brother can unblock ANYTHING on the school computers he's amazing at things like that. The teacher yelled at him once and his reply was 'No point in blocking them again, i'll be able to unblock them i can even get into your files' and he would be able to if he tried, But he wont tell me how to unblock things so does anyone know? Mostly want to unblock facebook.