Questions About unblocked music websites at school

My laptop won't download music!!!?

Okay i have a high school laptop, so many websites are blocked. But, I am on an unblocked music sharing site and whenever i try to download an mp3 from it, it just downloads in like a second and says that its 0 bytes. The files that I download don't work. Although, before this problem, on the websites that I attempt to download mp3's at worked perfectly......SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!! music is my life, lol. :-)

How can i get through Trend-Micro?

Okay, i have an important question. But first, i'd just like to mention a few things. 1. I WON'T BE USING THIS FOR SCHOOL PURPOSES. I am quite aware that school is for learning, and not fooling around on MySpace or whatever. 2. For music purposes, i will only be using this for songs that aren't accesiable on iTunes Australia. I don't want to feel too guilty about it afterwards. 3. And i am planning to study all the different arts this semester and i'm gonna need some inspiration, and i can't get onto most of the sites (grrr). Okay, so here's my question. My dad has installed 'Trend Micro Internet Security Pro' on my computer, and I CAN'T STAND IT!!! And i have a fettish for Art, Music from Japan (and just plain music no ones ever heard of before) and Lolita (it's a japanese fashion style) fashion design. And because of Trend Micro, all of the good websites have been blocked! So i could really use a website that will unblock all these websites! Thank you so much