Questions About unblocker

How to isolate and unblock google text ad URLs?

What specific URLs feed the google text ads on my webforum, so that I may unblock them in order to solve my 5 minute page load problems? Ok, so basically I am running a website for my school. Our school's wireless network is heavily restricted in order to prevent students from accessing distracting sites during class. Having recognized the value of my site as a resource for students, our IT guy has unrestricted my sites URL. The problem is, the site is currently hosted on a free webhosting service that uses google text ads. So the issue is that when students try to access the site, it attempts to fetch the ads from somewhere, and can't, so it hangs for about 3-5 minutes until it times out and loads the page without the ads. I have isolated one of the urls,, but I'm trying to figure out if there are more urls I should unblock in order to let the ads through and fix the slow load time issue. I tried contacting the administrat

Can pthread_mutex_lock() unblock before pthread_cond_wait() unblocks?

Imagine a thread blocks on a condition variable:

pthread_mutex_lock (mutex);
do_something ();
pthread_cond_wait(cond, mutex); // [1]
do_something_else ();
pthread_mutex_unlock (mutex);

The mutex is unlocked and a different thread trying to lock the mutex is unblocked:

pthread_mutex_lock (mutex);
do_some_work ();
pthread_cond_signal (cond);
pthread_mutex_unlock (mutex);

At the same time there's another thread waiting to acquire the ownership of the critical section:

pthread_mutex_lock (mutex); // [2]
do_some_random_work ();
pthread_mutex_unlock (mutex);

Now, the question is: When pthread_cond_signal() is called, is it guaranteed that the pthread_cond_wait() [1] will unblock before pthread_mutex_lock() [2]?

The POSIX specification seems to say nothing about the case.

Using DNS based system to unblock a blocked URL?

Okay I understand that this might be a silly question.

I'm looking forward to unblock Youtube in my country. I'm quite sure its a simple address/url block. I currently have to use proxies which reduce the speed of the connection. I tried to use the IP of Youtube to open it up but Youtube's IP actually opens up so that it is of no use.

I was also thinking of something like creating a DNS entry on one of my sub-domains that might point to Youtube's URL in some way but that might not be possible as I don't really know how DNS systems work at all. So some guesses might help. I'm not sure of some other hidden URLs that point to Youtube or even if some exist. So they might help as well.

Sshguard PF automatic unblocking?

I've installed and setup Ssshguard on a FreeBSD machine with PF. Everything seems to be working fine with Sshguard. I can see that it blocks IPs correctly and when I run pfctl -t sshguard -vTshow I can see that the blocked IPs is added to my PF table.

My question is regarding to the cleanup and unblocking of these addresses. Will Ssshguard remove old entries from this table or do I have to do the cleanup manually?

How do i unblock mtv videos?

I was trying to watch mtv skins cast trailers and when a popup came up to input my age i clicked "OK" without even thinking and now it says that im too young to watch the video, when im 18. i cant watch any of the episodes online either, sooooooo how do i unblock the video. i tried clearing all of the data from my browser, i tried different browsers, i tried different internet connections. nothing works T_T.

How can you unblock websites on a blocked computer without using a proxxy or a proxxy website?

My school labtop blocks all the websites that actualy men something to me (facebook, youtube, game websites etc.) is there any way that you can unblock these websites without using a proxxy or a proxxy website. P.S. Proxxy has two x's because my tech department guy thought he was a big man and everytime you write the word proxxy your omputer automattically restarts

How to unblock / receive unknown, VoIP, and international calls on iPhone 3GS?

I didn't remember setting this up or having a network plan on this (i'm using prepaid basic service). Somehow my iPhone stopped receiving unknown calls and showing it as blocked caller. Most of the unknown calls i receive are VoIP calls that's using different numbers,so i can't put them in my contact list. Can anyone help me to unblock / receive such calls? I'm using iPhone 3GS. Thanks. MGBU all