Questions About Unifrom

Making CSS appearance work properly in older iPads (and other browsers)

The css property appearance lets you change radio buttons with custom images. This is quite useful for a product with different variations, for example, as the user can tap/click on an image of variation rather than a radio button.

However, it doesn't work properly on the original iPad (even when using -webkit-appearance), as some of the images come out the wrong size.

It also doesn't work in Firefox.

I was wondering if there are any jquery/javascript plug ins to make them work properly.

I know that there is unifrom.js and Ryan Fait's script that let you swap radio buttons and images, but these involve creating spans and not as elegant as appearance.

I have read ab

Can a school restrict what color hair a student has?

well I live in England and my school recently added a rule saying no unnatural hair colors, now several of my friends have epic looking blue, purple and such colors hair. now i have a bit of understanding on the law (read a few books in the past when i was OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH sooooo board!) and it was to my understanding that human rights prevented a school forcing hair color changes because you have the right to express yourself (i understand the unifrom and such but hair effects life outside of school not just in it) but I might be wrong and would like to get the correct answer as google has revealed nothing on the matter and i am rather stumped.

School wardrobe help please?

I have gone to a school with unifroms my whole life~ so right now I have close to no clothes besides my uniform and workout stuff. Next year for high school I will be attedning a public school with no uniforms, so Im going on a shoping trip before school starts so I actually have something to wear everyday. I need all the advice I can get but I don't really need help with store or brand names. I'm into the preppy trendy look and I live in an area that gets four seasons.... what are some must haves... I need all the advice I can get! Thanks, ♥ ya

What's the relation between Tsubasa Chronicle and Cardcaptors?

I noticed that in the Tokyo revelations OAV, the Sakura that guides Sakura wears the same unifrom as the one in Cardcaptors. I also noticed that in Yuuko's skop in xXxHolic, there's a replica of Sakura's star wand from Cardcaptors. Also throw in the fact that the Sakura (clone, Watanuki's parent, not to be confused with the real Sakura) has the same star wand and magic circle. I'm confused, and I need answers.