Questions About Union Station Omaha

I need help with WWll questions!?

9. At first, Japanese-Americans were not allowed to enlist. However, a battalion was allowed to enlist and they were sent to Europe. They became one of the most decorated units during the war. Where were these soldieries from? a. California b. Arizona c. Hawaii 10) Which country barred the gates of Palestine to Jews fleeing the Nazis? a. Argentina b. United Kingdom c. German 11) From the start, Hitler's primary target was what country? a. United Kingdom b. France c. Soviet Union KEY LEADERS 16) After World War II, U.S. officials used certain leaders as intelligence agencies and sources in the cold war. What group were these leaders from? a. Communist b. Nazis c. Wigs INTERESTING FACTS 1. What small port on the English Channel was the site of the evacuation of most of the British Expeditionary Force in 1940? a. Calais b. Omaha Beach c. Dunkirk d. Cherbourg 2. What was the organization established in 1941 to provide a variety of services to Amer