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How can I ensure my summer course will be taught at the Sir George Williams campus at Concordia University?

I'm a Ontario university student who would like to do her spring term (May-June) at the Sir George Campus at Concordia University in Montreal. Does the summer course calendar indicate what campus the course will be taught at? (When does the summer course calendar come out anyway? I tried looking online but I can't find the Summer 2008 one.)

How is Concordia University for an English Major?

I was thinking of going to Concordia University in Montreal and I was just wondering, for anyone who has been there how is the university for their english and cretive writing programs, is it a good school for a writer? As well, I don't live in Quebec and Iwas just wondering how friendly people are over there to outsiders who don't exactly know french very well? Do I have to know alot of french to get around in the city?

Which masters program is better University of phoniex or Concordia University MN.?

I am trying to get my masters degree in early childhood education. I have two possible school however I need help narrowing my options. The University of Phoenix and Concordia University both offer this program. I want to get my masters fast and then go on to UNC to get my phd? Does anyone know if UNC even recognizes University of Phoenix as a reputable school?

What is life at these Canadian and American universities like?

Just wondering if anyone had any information regarding the following schools, I'm an International student and I'm planning to major in Film Production and minor in Photography. Would appreciate more than what I can find on the school websites. - Concordia University - Ryerson University - Sheridan Institute - New York University - Santa Fe University of Art and Design - Chapman University Thank you.

Are special applications from colleges/universities binding?

I've gotten "special" applications from Univeristy of Denver, Seattle Pacific University, Concordia University, University of Portland, Ursinus College, and a few others. They waive the fee and give me an early admission decision and some waive the essay. I want to apply to some of these but i was wondering if they were binding or not? Only one of them has stated that they're not binding and the others don't say if they're binding or not. How do I tell or does anyone else know if these are binding or not? I was just wondering because I wanted to see if they would accept me, I have other schools I plan on applying to.

Is Montreal a really nice place to live?

I am a British citizen, but I lived for 15 years of my life in Orlando, Florida. However, for the past 2 years I have lived in a horrible place in the UK called Stoke-on-Trent. It is very boring and depressing. I have heard great things about Montreal, and have been accepted into Concordia University there to study economics. Right now, I do not speak a word of French. I am 30 years old, white, single and have a slight american accent. I would be looking to move there permanently. I miss the standard of living that is on that side of the Atlantic. Is it very hard to become a permanent resident in Quebec after you have studied there, and are people in Montreal welcoming to foreigners who move there? Also, is there lots of stuff to do in Montreal? Thanks.