Questions About vagisil wash

can you use Vagisil wash and powder even if you don't have a problem?

I know this is kinda embarrassing but I like to take care of myself, and I want to know if Vagisil wash is only for women with some kind of infection or something. I just want to use it for regular maintenance and to stay fresh and clean all day. I have never had any problems down there, not even the common yeast infection I just want to prevent odor and maintain freshness.

Vagisil wash? (etc??)?

About a year ago I had a bad reaction to a type of condom. The reaction left me with tons of problems I'm still trying to fix. One is that I can no longer wash my vagina with soap. Before it didn't matter, I could just use my body wash, lather from a bar of soap, etc. But since my reaction if I even let soap touch down there it burns. Just wash with warm water isn't enough, I don't feel clean enough that way. I was told by a doctor to try unscented or sensitive skin Dove, I tried both and they didn't help. Would using one of those Vagisil washes help at all? I know I probably won't know for sure until I try myself, but I don't know. Next time I go to the gyno I'm making him look more into this issue cause I'm tired of him brushing it off. (I don't need odor block or anti itch, do you think the pH balance one may help?)

Will Vagisil Wash effect...?

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow because I have an odor coming from down there. She's going to just do a swab to see what I have. Would using Vagisil Wash in the morning before I go effect the test? No right? I just want to make sure. I would normally just be on the safe side and not use it but I have to go to school after and...yeah it sucks going to school when you probably have BV...

how do I go about scheduling a gynecologist appointment?

I'm 17 years old, I've never had sex, but I do masturbate.. I have a really bad personal odor that WILL NOT go away no matter how much I wash. I've tried everything from eating healthy, vagisil wash, feminine wipes, summers eve wash. I've never used douches because obviously those aren't good for you. and I've tried washing with plain warm water. NOTHING has worked and it's really embarrassing. sometimes I can smell it if I open my legs, I'm so self conscience about it, and I'd really like to make an appointment to see if there is anything doctor prescribed that I can do to treat it. I feel really naive and dumb posting this. serious answers only please..

How do you clean your vagina when pregnant?

So apparently you can't use douche when you're pregnant. So how am I supposed to clean my vagina then? I think going the better part of a year with out using douche sounds really nasty and disgusting. Is there any alternative for cleaning myself? What did you use when you were pregnant. I got some vagisil wash and I guess that's mostly just for smell not actually for sanitizing also I want something to clean the inside not just the outside.