Questions About Victims

I’m looking for help establishing a college fund for the children of a murder victim.

I’m looking for help establishing a college fund for the children of a murder victim. Here’s the situation: I learned last week that the 24 year old sister of my high school friend was murdered. It was a fairly high profile case in the Long Island area. The girl was the mother of a newborn, and a 5 year old son. This family has been through a lot even before this, and are really wonderful people, so my friends and I want to get together and do something for them. We don’t have a lot of money to give, but we would like to establish some kind of college fund. Unfortunately, none of us know where to begin to do something like this. Any information on what we should do, and how we should do it would be appreciated. To complicate the matter, however, is the fact that the newborn is the child of the man who is suspected of killing her, and is now in the custody of that man’s family. Contact with him may be difficult, if not outright undesirable.’m-looking-for-help-establishing-a-college-fund-for-the-children-of-a-murder-victim

Why do some victims become perpetrators?

What are the various theoretical frameworks for understanding why victims of abuse often 'deal' with their trauma by becoming perpetrators themselves? What explanations have been suggested, for example, as to why sexually molested children often grow up into sexually-molesting adults? The one that comes to mind is that the victim somehow feels he can master the trauma by becoming its perpetrator. What, or who, is the origin of this theory? Is it Freud? Does it (still) have any currency in professional circles? What, if any, other theories have been suggested?

Buckminster Fuller is known to have stolen or plagiarized other people's ideas. Who are the victims?

Buckminster Fuller is known to have stolen or plagiarized other people's ideas. Who are the victims? Buckminster Fuller has a big ego. Known as a con man in the affairs of the heart. And he also is tardy in attributing credit to works done by others. I am aware of the 'scandals' involving him and Walter Bauersfeld and Kenneth Snelson, so please DO NOT raise these issues . For details about these two 'scandals' , see this link Thank you very much.

Mortgage fraud / ID theft victim. What next?

I recently found out that I've been a victim of mortgage fraud. In short, someone stole my identity and took out a ~400k mortgage on a house in MA, in my name and with my credit. Has anyone out there been through this? What can I expect going forward? They applied for multiple mortgages, and evidently one of them did go through, because my name is on a deed according to the police officer I'm dealing with. I've nipped the other loans I found out about(via forwarded mail from an old address of mine that the ID thieves were apparently using) in the bud and am working with the lenders and the police and the postal inspector, which will eventually result in a police report, ID theft affidavits, etc. I've taken all of the basic steps you're supposed to when you find out you're an ID theft victim. Locked down or changed my existing accounts, put fraud alerts in with the credit reporting agencies, temporarily forwarded my mail to a different address, called the attorney general's

Help me help the victims of Darfur's genocide.

I want to *go* help the people of Darfur. (please bear with me) I'm sick of corporate America (and more than a little tired of America itself) and I've decided I want to help people who really need it, not suits that don't. To that end, I want to move to Africa and help the victims of the genocide in Darfur. Here's what I have to offer: - 28yo, single, Caucasian, healthy, fit American male - BS in Marketing / Business Management - 5 years experience in retail / fashion merchandising (buyer) - 2 years experience (to current) in Business Consulting I'd like to think that my business acumen could in some way help me find a decent position in logistics of directing international aid, or something to that effect, however my primary motivation here is not necessarily to find the best job. I do need to make enough money to a) survive and b) pay a few bills (student loans, a little CC debt) back in the US in the meantime. As long as I can be respon

audio stimulation for stroke victim

Audio stimulation for stroke victim. How can I do bulk downloading of podcasts, as a simple library on an mp3 player? My mother has just suffered a stroke, lost her speech and is struggling to gain back some functionality. She used to listen to NPR programs while working in her kitchen. She does not own a computer and will not so much as touch a keyboard or mouse. Is there some way for me to select a big gang of "all things considered" kind of stuff as mp3s, and just load them all on a player that she can simply push one button to select through? I'd like to get something like 500 hours of stuff on there because she will be at this for a while, and looking for simple ways to stimulate and keep her mind occupied. 1) How do I script or automate to grab entire catalogues of programs? 2) What programs can you suggest for a generally intelligent, curious, liberal, literate and artsy grandmother?