Questions About virtual games that you can have a family

What are interesting games for teens free online and no download?

I am interested in family games and virtual chats and stuff. Are there in violent games or fun games to play with 2 people from 2 different computers. I like games where you can have a family and babies. Or violent games to play with another online friend. Does anyone know any games to play with a friend on two different computers where you send the link to another friend. I only know "kill yourself in 5 minutes" . That game got boring now.

What are some tween/teen virtual worlds like Roblox or Super Secret that I can play with my sister?

We want to play a website or virtual world where you DON'T have to download in order to play. We like websites that have: Shopping (Clothes, Furniture, Gifts, Holiday Related Items, etc.), Your Own Customizable House (Don't have to have; but would be cool), Avatars, Chat Rooms, Premium Items/Money, Upgrades to Your Account, Gift Cards, A System for Giving Gifts to each other, A System for Sending Mail, Wishlists, Games that you can play with friends (Simulation, Arcade, Board, Card, Family, Animal, Puzzle, Word, Designing, etc). Please list as many websites as you can! (With a short description of course). Please answer as soon as possible! We've played: WeeWorld (Don't like), Roblox (Like), Gaia (Don't like), Fantage (Don't like), Meez (Don't like), Habbo (Don't like), Runescape (Don't like), Webkinz (Don't like), Super Secret (LOVE, but have to download), MineCraft (HATE), Disney Channel (Don't like), Girls Go Games (It's ok), Addicting Games (Don't like), and Math Games (Don't li

Is there any online virtual family games you can play?

Okay so I have the game Sims 3 but i have to wait until i get a laptop to play it so i was wondering if there were any virtual online family games that are free and no downloading. Im looking for the games where you can have a 3D avatar and then get married and have kids. I just cant find any. Please help' Also ive already checked on Virtual Family's, second life, club penguin ya ect. Thanks Oh and please give me something fun for ages 11 and up

Have yourself an internet little Christmas

Help me send virtual gifts to my kids overseas. A big part of our family Christmas tradition is Christmas stockings. This year both of my kids are working abroad in jobs that I can't mail a package to. So I want to stuff a Christmas stocking on line. I'm looking for something interactive along the lines of various online advent calendars like this one, but where you open presents instead of dates. Does anyone know of a site or app (google? yahoo? facebook?) that will let me do this? Suggestions for what to put in it would be good too: I could stuff it with online gift certificates for games or music (assuming it's secure), fun websites, what else? I know I can do this via a simple email, but I'd like a fun graphic interface as well. Tried googling it, but only got commercial sites. Thanks, hivemind. Self-links welcome, if you do this yourself, or MeMail me to stay within the site rules.

Life Simulation Games (Virtual Worlds)?

Anybody know of some virtual world games where you can grow up, flirt, date, marry, have sex, get pregnant, have a child, become a grandparent, and eventually die?? I'm really into that stuff. Yeah I know, the sims, but I can't get that. I have an iPod, if there are any apps (yeah, I know of Virtual Families and the Sims Freeplay don't tell me I already know). Also free or you can play over the Internet? I would be so thankful if someone knows of something (will be choosing best answer)! Thanks!

My husband is ALWAYS on the game?

He used to spend time with me and talk to me and want to go places with me but now he is always on his computer playing some game called Wonderland he use to play the Xbox every single day from the time he get off work to whenever he goes back to work and I complained till he stopped and he said he would play no more since he was always on it but as soon as he stopped he jumped straight to the wonderland game (if you don't know what it is its a virtual world where you can travel kills stuff meet people etc..) and I said something bout it and he got mad and said he isn't playing the Xbox no more and that's what I wanted so whats the problem? A game is a game no matter what device it's on so how is the computer any different? Then one day I looked at his wonderland game cause he was showing me and he made our family on the game a character for each of us me him and our newborn I just don't get it at all and to top it all off he has found and bought an app on his phone that allows him to

Other Virtual Family Kingdom (VFK) Horses?

I play VFK, only because VMK closed. VFK is beta, so I know to be patient with it. But just a few minutes ago I found out that there are "Member Packages" and special member items. OMG! Why? VMK didn't need anything like that! It's not fair if other people get to have cool special things and 50,000 extra credits if they pay. I'm not paying for a package like that, and for $50?! That's just insane. First of all, I don't have money falling out of my piggy bank! I'm only 13! Second of all, VMK gave everyone an equal chance at everything, no "Hey, give us $50 and we'll make you Virtually Rich." Ugh, who ELSE thinks this is totally unfair? I do! I mean I know they could use money to pay for the site, so why not donations instead? *sigh* Anyway, I saw in the "Membership package" that there was an Astralian Brumby Horse... but I also found this in the details: "Your very own brumby with stable room. - the only horse able to take you on an adventure in the rugged Australian Outback." I saw 'th

Free Online Virtual Worlds?

I'm 15, and would really like a game that's online and free.. Something like The Sims 3, where you can have families and jobs and just make your own life. I can't buy anything. I don't mind having to download things I guess. So any help will be appreciated! (And yes, I already posted this once. But I decided that I would be fine with downloading stuff.)

Is there a free online virtual family game?

I've been looking for a game online for a long time, but I can't find anything... Does anyone know of a game? I'm looking for an online virtual family game where you can actually have a family, kids, a house, job, etc., that DOES NOT require a download. I love games like this, and i've played the Sims before, which is really fun, but i don't have it installed on my laptop, so i'm just looking for a game that meets these standards, that i can play online, for free, that is very realistic, with no download. Please help! Thanks