Questions About virtual games where you can get married and have a family

Is there any online virtual family games you can play?

Okay so I have the game Sims 3 but i have to wait until i get a laptop to play it so i was wondering if there were any virtual online family games that are free and no downloading. Im looking for the games where you can have a 3D avatar and then get married and have kids. I just cant find any. Please help' Also ive already checked on Virtual Family's, second life, club penguin ya ect. Thanks Oh and please give me something fun for ages 11 and up

Life Simulation Games (Virtual Worlds)?

Anybody know of some virtual world games where you can grow up, flirt, date, marry, have sex, get pregnant, have a child, become a grandparent, and eventually die?? I'm really into that stuff. Yeah I know, the sims, but I can't get that. I have an iPod, if there are any apps (yeah, I know of Virtual Families and the Sims Freeplay don't tell me I already know). Also free or you can play over the Internet? I would be so thankful if someone knows of something (will be choosing best answer)! Thanks!

Help An Unhappy Dad To Be Become A Happy Dad To Be.

My wife is pregnant and I'm not happy about it. Obviously that's a problem. Help me try to become happy about it. I love my wife more than anything in the world and would do anything for her. When I proposed to her back in 2007 we discussed kids and starting a family and I said at that time that I definitely wasn't ready to have kids but that I imagined one day, after we were married, I would be. She agreed to wait until I was ready. We got married in 2009 and then, about 19 months ago, we decided to start trying. I still wasn't sure I was ready but I'm in my early 30s and she's fast approaching 30 and since, as I said, I'd do anything for her I figured that we would just try and then see what happens. Plus, with her PCOS, we both knew it would take a little longer than most people to concieve. So we tried and tried and tried some more and nothing happened. During these 19 months there were moments where I was genuinely excited at the prospect of having a baby