Questions About virtual games where you can have a baby

Where Can I Play Games Where You Can Make A Person, Shop, etc...?

Hi, i'm looking for games where you can do just about everthing you can do in real life, it can be online or a game you have to download. I already know quite a few games, but they're not what i'm looking for, here's a list... -All Sims Games -SecondLife -IMVU -Supple1&2 -Ciao Bella -Frenzoo -WeeWorld -Gaia Online -TinierMe -Habbo -VMK -Runescape -SuperSecret -DreamLife -There -Maple Story -Active Worlds -Ourworld -Zwinky -Whyville -Kaneva -Travels of willington and winks(Weird, i'm not 5) - Kudos1&2-Club Penguin( I'm not a baby) -Small Worlds -Xivio-Meez -Neopets -WebKinz(Not a kid) -Oz World -Vside -Fiesta Online(Not into fantasy or war games) -Twinity -Girl Sense -Yoville -WoozWorld -Fantage -Desperate Housewives -Miss Popularity -Stardoll -Trollz -Be-Bratz -Barbie -Millsberry -Nicktropolis -Moshi Monsters -Pixie Hollow(Not into disney games) -Dizzywood -Poptropica -Marapets -Subetapets(Not into childish games) -And sooooooo many more! Please if you know of any games where you ca

What are interesting games for teens free online and no download?

I am interested in family games and virtual chats and stuff. Are there in violent games or fun games to play with 2 people from 2 different computers. I like games where you can have a family and babies. Or violent games to play with another online friend. Does anyone know any games to play with a friend on two different computers where you send the link to another friend. I only know "kill yourself in 5 minutes" . That game got boring now.

My husband is ALWAYS on the game?

He used to spend time with me and talk to me and want to go places with me but now he is always on his computer playing some game called Wonderland he use to play the Xbox every single day from the time he get off work to whenever he goes back to work and I complained till he stopped and he said he would play no more since he was always on it but as soon as he stopped he jumped straight to the wonderland game (if you don't know what it is its a virtual world where you can travel kills stuff meet people etc..) and I said something bout it and he got mad and said he isn't playing the Xbox no more and that's what I wanted so whats the problem? A game is a game no matter what device it's on so how is the computer any different? Then one day I looked at his wonderland game cause he was showing me and he made our family on the game a character for each of us me him and our newborn I just don't get it at all and to top it all off he has found and bought an app on his phone that allows him to

Are there any virtual babysitting games online?

I have played Eccky, Babysitting mania, Nanny mania, The baby borrowers, Carrie the caregiver, my virtual baby and Kindergarten and sims. Can you please find some or tell me some games where you babysit children or babies. or just take care of a baby. ☻Please and Thankyou☻ Here are some games ive played that i did not list. A Really Fun Babysitting Game The Baby Borrowers Game

Games like Habbo Hotel?

Are there any online games like Habbo Hotel? I want FREE games, which do not need downloading. I don't want HABBO RETROS for example blah, habboon (etc) I also do not want 3D games like Sims, Second Life, Imvu, etc. It must have things like where you can make your own rooms and chat to other real life people, dressing up your avatar, buy things from shop, chat and flirt, as well as make new friends, etc. I DON'T want these games please: * Wee world * Virtual Families * Meez * Club Penguin * Pixie Hollow * Roblox * Zwinky * Sims * Second Life * IMVU * DizzyWood * I don't want babyish games like fairies, etc. (Also I don't want any animal games, or baby games etc.) Sorry for being that specific. Please could you not just give me a load of websites, It would be helpful if I knew what they are about, etc. (It must be free). Thanks in advance for all answers. =] Wow, serious answers please?