Questions About virtual online games like sims

What websites have some online games like VMK?

VMK shut down about two months ago and I want to know what websites have online games like VMK where we can explore the virtual world and things like so very similar to VMK. I would really appreciate it if you could give me the link. Thanks! ;-) ♥ Jenna Also can I download any of the Sims games on my computer without buying them? Also can I download any of the Sims games on my computer without buying them?

Hey does anybody know any online games like this one? like virtual real- life games?

hey i really like this game; i was wondering if theres any other online games like it . where you pretty much have a virtual life, and you can go on dates, shop, and just things like that . I already know about the sims . but i dont really feel like playing it . can anyone give me any sites ? i dont want it all about dating, im just talking about a virtual life gam e.

Games like Habbo Hotel?

Are there any online games like Habbo Hotel? I want FREE games, which do not need downloading. I don't want HABBO RETROS for example blah, habboon (etc) I also do not want 3D games like Sims, Second Life, Imvu, etc. It must have things like where you can make your own rooms and chat to other real life people, dressing up your avatar, buy things from shop, chat and flirt, as well as make new friends, etc. I DON'T want these games please: * Wee world * Virtual Families * Meez * Club Penguin * Pixie Hollow * Roblox * Zwinky * Sims * Second Life * IMVU * DizzyWood * I don't want babyish games like fairies, etc. (Also I don't want any animal games, or baby games etc.) Sorry for being that specific. Please could you not just give me a load of websites, It would be helpful if I knew what they are about, etc. (It must be free). Thanks in advance for all answers. =] Wow, serious answers please?

Any online games like sims (not second life,virtual familes, Virtual villagers,or imvu) No download?

My computer is not working at the moment so i have to use my dads. I cant download anything like imvu. Second life is cr*p for having babies and stuff you need to be mature or whatever and i dont have a credit card or anything. Virtual Familes and virtual villagers are also boring. Im sorry that im moaning alot lol. Any ideas? Also not Runescape.

Where can I find a virtual life game that is free and online?

Where can I find a virtual life game? I don't want to pay for it or download it. Does anybody know where to find one? I prefer 3-D but I guess 2-D will work. Maybe one kind of like the Sims or the Sims 2 where you can have houses and pets and stuff? RuneScape doesn't count. Besides, I have an account there. Please just tell me about a virtual life game that I won't have to pay for or download.