Questions About Vita Clay

How to cook rice in a clay pot rice cooker?

My husband and I received a Vita Clay rice cooker as a gift. We'd like to start using it, but it the recipe/instruction booklet is missing. Having never had a clay pot rice cooker before, I don't know: a) what the ratio of rice:water should be, and b) if there are any special things I need to do to take care of the clay pot. I attempted to contact the company to ask for a replacement manual/recipe book, but they haven't responded to my requests.

What do you suggest for a hedge?

I live in Zone 5, SE detroit...I put up two decorative kwanzan cherry trees to block the view of my neighbors, but they died in my nasty clay soil....So Im going to replace them....I bought forsythias, but when i take the cherries back, i can get 4 6 feet arbor vitae now that they are on sale....I think i like the arbor vitae better for a hedge, but they grow slowly , what should i do with the forsythias? I have one forsythia in my back yard....i dont like the big mushroom shape it makes, so i trim it like a square, and that bad boy has to be like 9/ 10 tall now