Questions About Warrant Officers

Is it difficult to become a warrant officer in the army?

I just went over the sample warrant officer application packet, and there are sections that list things such as civilian education and military awards. So what, I need a associates degree or bachelors and military awards to be a prime canadiate? I thought applicants needed a 110GT score, good physical and mental health and demonstrate superior leadership performance.. If I need to get an associates degree to become a warrant officer then so be it, I just need to know what I need to get done. Thanks.

What are the chances of me getting accepted to warrant officer flight training with the army?

I am 25 years old, 70 inches tall, and in good shape. I have an AAS degree in aircraft maintenance with an FAA airframe and powerplant license. I have never been in the military. But I am interested in the warrant officer flight training program. Would I have a better chance if I went with the National Guard rather than the Army or vice versa?

Can you tell me about becoming a aviation warrant officer?

I want to become a warrant officer and fly. Im an E-4 and deployed, and can't take my AFAST til i get home, but i want to know more information about it. I was looking at Rotary Wing Aviator, seeing as i have no college. How long is the schooling? What does the training consist of? Can my family come, and do I get to be with them? Any suggestions for me? Or helpful websites? Anyhting will help, i can only find basic things online, but none of it seems reliable, because i find things that are the opposite. Please, and thank you for your time and help.

Can I go from Army Flight Warrant Officer to Commissioned Naval Officer while still flying?

So I am curious to see if it is possible to just transfer over into the Navy as a Commissioned Officer after completing my Warrant Officer Flight training. Or would I be required to go through the Navys form of OCS before hand? And even if I complete OCS would I be able to fly helicopters once I am in as a Commissioned Officer? Which rank would I be assigned if I had prior time in service. Lets say if WO-2 would be similar to an O-2 in the navy? Please read the question before posting. @Fas @Chris

Is reduction of rent warranted in this situation? If yes, how to proceed

I'm asking this for a senior citizen friend. Does he have a right to ask for a reduction in rent for a situation wherein he warned management of criminal activity......but was ignored? My friend Dave is 78 and he lives alone with his cat in an apartment in Oregon. The apartment is in a large multi-unit complex. For several months Dave and some younger people have been in a battle over a handicapped space that my friend usually uses. My friend talked to management several times about the situation and they were no help. I researched it and found that there was little he could do as the complex is private property and apparently they don't have to enforce laws pertaining to handicapped spaces. Still, of course, my friend complained here and there to management, because the people using the space seemed hale and hearty and not handicapped. The younger people also didn't seem the type to live in this particular complex, because they were seedy types. Dave repor

How do I unpickle my California arrest warrant?

I (think I) have an outstanding arrest warrant in California. I'm in the UK. I don't have any references, dates or details. I'm a UK citizen and some time ago, a year or two so - I hired a car and drove around California a bit. All was lovely until I was pulled over by a Highway Patrol officer somewhere in the valley for doing 50 in a 40 (I argued about the poor signage, but he was stern, grumpy and he had a big gun). He took my details from my UK driving licence and passport and issued me with a ticket. I, sagely(!), ignored this ticket. Finished my trip, went home. Some time later, I received a demand for payment, or to show up at a courthouse somewhere in rural CA in the post to my UK address. It frothed quite a bit about this, and gave deadlines for response. I, sagely(!), ignored this too. A month or so later, another arrived, this time a final demand, and said something about failure to comply meaning that a warrant would be issued for my arrest in the

Navy Diver to Eod officer?

Once you pass training as a Navy Diver is it possible to immediately apply as an Eod officer? I have a BA degree and have a Navy specops contract as a ND. I heard there are no more Navy diver officers, only Limited Duty Officers and Warrant officers. I was wondering if this route was possible because I would like to plan ahead and make every effort possible to make this happen in the future.

Is the marine corps the only branch that offers the chance of flight school?

If you do exceptionally well in boot camp or AIT? I just finished watching the documentary carrier and one of the marine pilots became one from boot camp because he did really well in either boot camp or whatever the marines call the after boot camp training. I'm wondering because if possible I would like to know how you achieve this type of thing? Its primarily an interest in how this works but also to see if I could possibly become a helicopter pilot in the navy without going to college first or making warrant officer.