Questions About watch movies in theaters online

theater movies online for free?

everyone of my friend does it. I just want to know if you get caught will you get in tons of trouble from the government. I want to see a movie because I read the book and it is in theaters it is just that my parents haven't taken my yet and I want to watch online. Will I get caught by the government? Or are there better things for the government to care about than some kids watching movies in theaters online?

How do I stop missing all the good movies?

Is there a tool for filing away titles of new movies I'm interested in watching and being reminded, later, when they become available online? I hardly ever watch movies in the theater any more. So I feel like a lot of good movies make it by me -- I notice them when they're hyped initially, and then I never remember them when I would actually be able to watch them. I would like a tool that I could put movie titles into, that would categorize them and let me manipulate the list (tags, notes, etc.) and indicate when they're available online (bonus would be to email me or otherwise nudge me). I mostly watch movies on Netflix and Amazon; I don't want a tool that's tied to a particular service. Does anything fit some or all of these criteria?

What is the most popular way these days that people watch movies?

I'm trying to find stats on this, since I cannot find any articles about it online. How do most people consume movies, specifically movies? Is it DVD or BluRay? Netflix? the movie theater? Online? Amazon? iTunes, Youtube, Bitorrent? If you have any specific stats and/or links that would be much appreciated. Thanks! :) Yeah, I'm not asking how you personally like to watch movies. I'm asking in general what is most popular form today. Also, I didn't mention cable or PayTV. Does anyone use pay-per-view anymore?