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PGP Whole Disk Encryption (WDE) - how to image/backup the boot partition?

On Windows 7, I would like to backup the system partition. The whole disk, including the partition, has just been encrypted with PGP 10.1.2 SP3 (I'm obliged to use precisely this software for encryption).

Features I'd like:

  • low cost or free
  • Windows 7 system partition still bootable after restore, or there is a predictable procedure to make it bootable again
  • it does not matter if the backup is encrypted
  • it does not matter if the filesystem stays encrypted after restore - I can afford to re-encrypt it later
  • (preferably: backup done while Windows 7 is running)
  • (perfect: use the Windows 7 native tool Control Panel -> Backup -> Create system image, I used that before PGP WDE)

Edit: I'm aware of this old recommendation from Symantec support and

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