Questions About wella color charm toner

Wella Color Charm toner vs liquid permanent hair colour?

Is there a difference between the Wella Color Charm toner vs liquid permanent hair colour? On some websites the two terms "toner" and "liquid permanent hair colour" are used interchangeably and show the same product, while beauty supply websites show as two different products. I'd like to change the tone of my hair, not necessarily bleach it to a lighter level. Basically, I bleach my hair ultra light ash blonde from l'oreal preferences and use Light Blue Shade purple toning shampoo to remove the yellow from my hair. My roots are always bright yellow/orange after I bleach and it takes a week or so of concentrated applications of my purple shampoo to tone it anywhere close to the colour of the rest of my length of hair. I was hoping to see if this toner could do the job in one or two applications to my roots. I heard good things about Wella's White Lady toner but if anyone knows of a different blue/purple toner, preferably one that I can find in a store in Canada (shipping from the state

Have you ever used Wella Color Charm TONER?

I'm going to use Wella Color Charm Toner in Ivory Lady on all of my collar-bone length hair. I bleached my naturally dark brown hair quite a bit to get a nice shade of brassy yellow/orange. I know this toner is supposed to take away the brassiness. The instructions say to mix 1 part toner with 2 parts 20 developer but my question is should I use the whole bottle to cover my entire head? Or how much of the toner will it take to cover it all? Thanks if you can help me!!

More info on Wella color charm toner?

I would like some more info on using a toner on my hair. I want a dark ash blonde as a base color, with very light ash blonde balayage style highlights. Highlights always turn out very yellowy on my hair so I read about using a toner. Now I was wondering with the permanent toner, does it do anything to the darker bits of my hair? I want it to make the color more ashy, but not lift any further or affect the darker color. What shade do I pick and which volume developer? I thought about maybe getting Wella color charm and mix like the T18 with a more neutral one. Could someone help me?

Should I use Shimmer Light shampoo before or after using Wella Color Charm T18?

I want to shampoo my hair with shimmer lights shampoo before i use Wella Color Charm T18 on my hair, but im afraid that if i do shampoo my hair before using the toner, the chemicals won't take effect on my hair as well as they should. Yesterday i shampooed my hair before adding the T18 ash blond toner on my hair and I didn't get the desired results. :( I want to go silver and i did it before but i forgot the process of how i did it. what do you guys recommend?

Wella Color Charm White Lady Toner?Will it give my orange brassy bleached hair a platinum or pale blonde look?

Ok, I'm naturally a pale blonde. I've dyed my hair red for like 3 months now. Then I bleached it again and had it blonde. Then I dyed it dark brown. It's medium brown now and I'm not bleaching my hair twice so gtfo. I've heard alot about Wella Color Charm White Lady toner. My hair is a yellow with a orange tint more like orangey-yellow. Will the toner make it more platinum or a pale blonde or should I use the Ivory Lady one. I want this color ~

Wella t18 toner turned my hair gray?

Yesterday I toned my hair using Wella Color Charm toner in T18 (white lady), and now my hair is all over the place as far as tones go >< my bangs are a whitish gray, there's dull yellow towards the ends, and the top is an ashy blonde-gray. It's not hideous, but it's not exactly what I wanted either (I'm going for white blonde hair). I tried washing it with Shimmer Lights purple shampoo, but that really didn't seem to do anything. My question is, how do I fix this so that my hair isn't so gray? I can't afford to go to a salon, so please don't waste your time by telling me to. There's a Sally Beauty Supply just down the street from my house, so getting there isn't an issue. I was thinking about mixing some RAW Azure demi-permanent hair color into some shampoo to try toning it some more, but I'm a little hesitant about that. Also, I WILL NOT BLEACH MY HAIR AGAIN, so please don't suggest that either. Thanks :)

Toner or Permanent dye over my orange bleached hair?

i recently bleached my hair 2 times and it turned an orange color. I already bought the Wella Color Charm Toner in #T10 Ivory Lady. SHOULD I EXCHANGE IT FOR A PERMANENT HAIR COLOR (in some type of blonde) or KEEP THE TONER? (i have #30 vol. developer ready & do you even think my hair color will change because the toner only changes yellow hair,right? and i dont have yellow hair at all its only orange, so i dont know what to do)

Why didn't my hair toner work?

Recently I bleached my dark brown hair to light yellow with hints of orange (I had highlights in previously, so it wasn't an even tone). After this I used Wella Color Charm Toner in T14. I followed instructions exactly, and left it on for even longer than directed, and absolutely nothing happened. It almost felt like I got a bunk product (though I doubt that is the case. i got it at Sally's). Based on all my reading, it seems I was the perfect candidate for this product. Anyone have any thoughts on why this didn't work at all? Since then I applied a Wella demi in ash blonde (7 mixed with 9). It looks better than my previous banana hair, but many areas just turned a medium copper color. I'm having to use mascara to dull down the red around my hairline. I'm thinking of trying the T14 again with a stronger developer (30). Any suggestions?

How should I get my hair to the color I meant to dye it?

I intended to dye my hair silver because I'd never seen it done before, but since few people dye their hair silver, no one really knew how to go about it. I started with a lightener, which got my hair to a sort of translucent yellowish, and followed it with wella color charm "silver lady" toner, and I ended up with Gwen Stefani ash blonde. Not hideous, but definitely not what I'm going for. Any advice?