Questions About West Central Florida

Any good offshore charter fishing tours in central Florida?

Me and some buddies are planning a offshore charter fishing trip for one of my buddies bachelor party. It is going to be the weekend of Jan 11th . We live in and around Lakeland Florida so it's Central Florida. We are fine with traveling to the east coast to Daytona, Port Canaveral, as well as the west coast, Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St Pete. We have been looking and can't seem to find what suites our needs. We can't really afford to be spending $1000 bucks for the trip. There will be 7 people attending including the groom. We don't want one of the offshore boat that have like 50 people onboard.. Just us.. Also would be nice if the boat provided beer!! anyone know of a good charter?

what are some pros and cons of living in florida?

My fiance and I live in ohio and would love to live in florida. We do not like the cold/snow and feel like we are young and financially able to take an opportunity such as this. For people who live/have lived in florida, what are some pros and cons? What areas do you recommend, as I personally am drawn to the west central areas such as clearwater and st. petes. What areas are good for families because we want to eventually have one? Have you ever regretted living in florida and why? Also just any other opinions or input you have will be extremely helpful! Thanks

how to find an ice cream man

I need to find an Ice cream man (man with an ice cream truck)... to provide products for my 3 yr old son's birthday party in west central Florida for this Saturday. I can't find any listings in the yellow pages, and Google seems a bit worthless regarding this. Any ideas? the party is in Tarpon springs, FL. I don't want to carry anything frozen in a cooler, as it's being held at a public park...will mostly likely melt, and it's much easier and better if the kids can pick an ice cream they want off a truck. I did this last year at my daughters party, but that guy has disappeared. The local yellow pages has no such category other than ice cream suppliers/vendors/truck sales....

Timing belt! Now! Help!

It's way past time to change my timing belt - like almost 30,000 miles past! Help me find the right Honda/Acura dealership in West Central Florida (Tampa to Gainesville) to change the timing belt on my 1994 Acura Integra. So I was supposed to change my timing belt at 273,000, but I lost the receipt from my last timing belt and thought I had more time than I did - Yikes! Now I'm at 299,500 (and change) and have to change my timing belt Right Now! Or Else! For the record, I'm not driving the Acura now, until I know where to take it for service. I had the last timing belt done at Wade Raulerson in Gainesville and wasn't knocked out - for one thing, my car didn't used to seep oil and after the last timing belt change, it does. So, please let me know which are the very best dealers for service in the I-75/275 corridor from Tampa/St. Pete to Gainesville. I'm open to anybody except WR (unless things have changed significantly) - but please tell me who to ask for at the servi

People live in Florida, I need a vacation / things to do info.?

Not on line, but actually something tangible like Map that shows attractions and place to eat, etc. Fishing information and spots We will be planning on visiting Florida and we are interested in visiting Central Florida, Gulf, and Key West. We have friends live in Florida, but I am not sure exactly what materials to ask. I do not want them to be buying anything. I am thinking hotel or visitor center may have some nice brochures and coupons ?